brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > > Marie and her daughter set the French so far behind in nuclear research
> that
> > > it's most likely she was part of a zionist plot to sabotage France
> > >
> >
> > You know, I agree her accomplishments have been Feministly exaggerated
> > out of all proportion, but I certainly don't agree she set back France
> > or nuclear research.  AFAICT, she was a very capable assistant to
> > Pierre.  It's not a negative thing.
> Being a capable to assistant to Pierre is certainly a positive thing.
> Turning it into a feminazi weapon against the sanctity of the family was a
> sheer tragedy, and it was mostly women who suffered by it.  Taking that
> limited role and turning it into a government leadership role in France that
> Marie and her daughter and son-in-law couldn't possibly fulfill is believed
> by the French to have caused a major setback in their nuclear program.  Even
> our own Encyclopedia Britannica recognizes that possibility

I see.  The AIP site refers to that, but in such glittering terms that
one would hardly guess it was a failure.  I myself have no knowledge
about it, but I will check out your URL.

> > > ps--the jews raised hel. and called the French "anti-semites" when they
> > > refused to give her the positions they wanted her in.  How can the
> French be
> > > "anti-semites" unless she was a jew just like the rumors suggested she
> was?
> >
> > I really don't care whether she was Jewish.
> If she was jewish, then she's closely associated with people who LIE and
> plagiarize and STEAL from every non-jew they know, just like Einstein did
> .  

Sorry, I have a hard time believing that about Jews or about Einstein.

> Her "coincidental" discovery of
> the properties of thorium at exactly the same time as Schmidt gets even more
> suspect.  

I hadn't known that.

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