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> >In order to figure actual probability of a coin landing heads or tails,
> >not grab a coin, flip it 50 times, and count how many times the coin
> >heads and how many times it lands tails?
> >
> >We're talking about TIMSS scores, which could have been higher for
> >12th grade pregnant flunkies had they "guessed" the answer.  This is
> >something radically different than a coin flip, which is much more EXACT
> >than a guess.
> >
> >Hint:  The "guess" is what happens when you call whether the coin will
> >heads or tails.  The way it lands is what actually happens.  Go figure!!
> The nincompoop says the equivalent of, if you flip the coin 100 times
> you will get exactly 50 heads and 50 tails (with his 2% fudge factor
> thrown in), and that there is no other possibility.  That is false.
> lojbab

So tell us, lojbab, which part of the following you disagree with [read:
don't understand].

John Knight

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