Biopsychosocial Psychiatry - RETRACTION

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Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
>Yeah, I stumbled upon a similar Surgeon General's Report, the other
>day, while Googling.
>I couldn't believe it - my jaw hung down - it was as if I was
>transported back into the Dark Ages.
>It was a 'heart'-ache just to read part of it.

I RETRACT the following sentence. It's my recollection, but I
should've gone back to Verify before making such an extreme
statement. I'm not going to, so I RETRACT the following sentence.

>Didn't see anything in
>the Chapter from which I read that's True.

end of RETRACTION kpc

>Where is Hope?
>Ian Goddard wrote in message <3d64408d.177492917 at>...
>>On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Nick Medford <nick at> wrote:
>>>In article <3d62f359.92179446 at>, Ian Goddard writes:
>>>> Modern
>>>> psychiatry views such conditions as arising from organic brain
>>>> disorders independent of environmental psycho-social insults.
>>>Just out of interest, have you ever actually met a psychiatrist
>>>espouses this view?
>>>I ask because I often read that modern biological psychiatry takes
>>>view summarised above, but have yet to meet *any* psychiatrist who
>>>actually does take this view, despite working in a
>>>psychiatric research institute.
>>  IAN: Well, I can't say that I've met Harold Koplewicz,
>>  but he's a leading proponent of bio-psychiatry and I'd
>>  say he speaks for psychiatry's new paradigm. He said
>>  this at the White House Conference on Mental Health:
>>  "It's hard to believe that until 20 years ago we still
>>  believed that inadequate parenting and bad childhood
>>  traumas were the cause of psychiatric illnesses in
>>  children. And in fact, even though we know better today,
>>  that antiquated way of thinking is still out there, so
>>  that people who wouldn't dream of blaming parents for
>>  other types of disease, like their child's diabetes or
>>  asthma, still embrace the notion that somehow absent
>>  fathers, working mothers, over-permissive parents are
>>  the cause of psychiatric illness in children. ... the
>>  only way we can change that is through more public
>>  awareness. I mean, essentially, these are no-fault
>>  brain disorders. These diseases are physiological, they
>>  respond to medicine." -- Dr. Harold Koplewicz
>>>There is no reason at all to suppose that environmental and
>>>explanations of mental illness are mutually exclusive. Indeed, it
>>>be bizarre to claim that they are. Equally there is no reason to
>>>that psychological and pharmacological modes of treatment are
>>>mutually exclusive models. From what you say, you already realise
>>>but I'm slightly baffled as to why you and many others appear to
>>>that nobody in psychiatry realises it.
>>>Nick Medford
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