brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >According to NORC, between 70% to 83% of Americans "believe sex between
> >adults of the same sex" is either always wrong or almost always wrong.
> What I don't seem to understand is how what two people do in
> the privacy of their bedroom is anyone else's business in any way.  I
> don't care if it's two men, two women, or two animals. It's none of
> our business what they do or don't do. Jesus Christ...

Well, there's no doubt that many people don't understand it, Doc, because
almost a third of Americans didn't vote to ban sodomite marriages.

The good news is that more than two thirds DID vote to do that, which is
proof enough that faggot organizations like Gallup don't influence Americans
as much as the Holy Bible does.

There are MANY social and economic and moral and racial and intellectual and
religious and medical and health reasons to execute sodomites just as the
Holy Bible requires of this Christian nation

John Knight

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