brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

The 9th Witch Thec at
Wed Aug 21 23:55:14 EST 2002

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002 04:30:17 GMT, "John Knight" <jwknight at>
yelled from the fourth floor ward window, and subsequently was

*>Shallow Dancer stated:
*>> >>Here is one source where you get  your crazy ideas about the
*>> >>(shame on you):
*>> >> (which
is, of
*>> >>course, a history vastly twisted to Aryan standards)
*>> >>
*>> >>I don't think you'll find much more support for your notions
here, John
*>> >>Knight (or whatever your name, nym, or moniker is, given how you
*>> >>yourself, run and hide, etc.).  Carry on and take yourself
*>> >>Go lock arms with your Aryan brethren.
*>Shallow Dunce has nullified ITself from any serious debate for being
born a
*>mamzer. Of course, jews, mamzers and Pavlovian "liberals" cannot
*>that our forefathers KNEW they were from the tribes of Israel.
Mamzers don't
*>care about geneology because miscegination creates these "lost
boys," who
*>are not really men. In their limited intellect, there is NO FAMILY
*>and subsequently there is no reason any country needs any history as
*>Moreover, it may be the reason why false history occurs to justify
*>mongrel existance. This is indeed the making of liberalism. It is
truly the
*>result of inherent congenital guilt. They are lap dogs that
regurgitate the
*>same justification for their mongrel posterior. Shallow Dunce is a
*>true blue of the cloth and of liberal bastardization. Because our
Father has
*>stated that a mongrel shall not enter the house of the Lord, Shallow
*>statements shall be suspect to contempt and fraud. Therefore,
*>spoken by this deceitful bastard is of no effect; null and void ab
*>Let IT be judged civitas sine suffragio; citizen without a vote.
*>Dunce, you don't belong here on Christian Party or are you wanted by
any of
*>us who believe in the Christ Jesus. Leave ChristianParty now.
*>100% agreed.  And thanks for saying it so well.

Then quit cutting and pasting her usenet messages there, moron.


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