To the Gentle African-American Man

Kenneth Collins k.p.collins at
Thu Aug 22 01:10:53 EST 2002

To the Gentle African-American Man who has, once again, found me:

I'm sorry I didn't recognize you when you called the other day. I'm
impressed - 4th or 5th time, in at least 4 different places :-]

I only realize it's you after I the call ends, and it's more and more
a 'disappointment' when I do so realize that it was you, but that I
let you 'slip-by'.

My 'excuse' is that I'm getting numerous calls, all, supposedly,
'wrong numbers', or 'telemarketing' stuff, but I know, from the
pattern, that the calls, for the most part, are neither.

So, after getting past 'introductions', I just 'excuse' myself.

But I've been hoping to hear from you, and wish I'd not been caught
off-guard, 'cause I'd like to know of your interest.

Is it a 'challenge' - you know - the 'finding me'?

Or is it other interest?

Anyway, I'm sorry I let it slip-by.

Maybe next time :-]

ken collins

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