brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 22 01:53:08 EST 2002

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> Aha, so you finally admit that you're a follower of Richard Butler, eh,
> Knight?  That means you're a part of the Aryan Nation.

If Richard Butler's a Christian, then what could we possibly have against
him?  What could YOU possibly have against him?

> Or should we address you as:  Daniel Amneus, Ph.D., Mark Hall, or Art

Knock yourself out.

> Doctorate in what, total and complete stupidity?
> Okay, I take that back....
>'s a doctorate in scatalogical studies.....
> :P

This is about the maximum amount of intellectual stimulation we can expect
from a jew, isn't it?  You can't possibly address the issues, so you flail
around, jump up and down, wave your arms, accuse people of being "followers"
of someone, spit out the word "Aryan" like it's a dirty word, create new
names so you have even more people to insult--ultimately land on that
favorite jewish past-time and all time Talmudic achievement, scatology,

wonder why nation, after nation, after nation, after nation ... 86 times ...
keep kicking your sorry butts out of town.

Would it bother you too terribly much if we got back to the topic at hand:
brain sizes: Einstein's  and women's?

John Knight

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