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Ok, Bob, here goes.

Josh McDowell  was in college and dating a young lady.  As a Christian, she
challenged him to disprove the Holy Bible in all its aspects, historical and
spiritual.  Mr. McDowell tried in every way to disprove Holy text, using
historical records, maps, biological records, evolution, revolution, and
everything else on which he could lay hands.

Mr. McDowell could NEVER disprove the Holy Bible at all.  Not only did he
become a Christian as a result, but he also wrote a two-book set called
"Evidence That Demands A Verdict".  I challenge you to read these two books,
which are constantly being updated with new information.  If these don't
prove the Holy Bible is fact to you, vis-a-vis "Snow White and the 7
Dwarves" or "Beowulf", then absolutely nothing will prove it to you, short
of Almighty God skywriting it.  Even then, you would never believe it.

May God help you see the truth, Bob.

In Christ,

Richard C. August

"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at> wrote in message
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> "John Knight" <johnknight at> wrote:
> >> What historical record exists outside the Bible that confirms the
> >> Exodus story.
> >
> >What historical evidence do you have that it's wrong?
> >
> >None?
> >
> >Then it's a fact.
> What historical evidence do you have that Sleeping Beauty,
> Rumpelstiltskin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Beowolf, all the
> Greek myths, etc. are wrong"?
> "None?
> Then they are facts."
> That is nincompoop logic.  With it, everything that anyone can dream
> up is true until proven otherwise.
> >> >and if God wasn't real, then the entire
> >> >of history post-year-1 A. C. E. is a wash and a fabrication.
> >>
> >> How would that be true.  Millions of people have had a history
> >> believing in religions that YOU think are false.  Do you claim that
> >> their history is a wash and a fabrication?
> >
> >2 billion Christians around the world agree with Mr. August, and not with
> >you "wiberals".  Another 1.2 billion Muslims substantially agree with
> >Even many of the 1 billion Hindus and Buddhists also agree with him.
> You have a funny definition of agreement to have Hindus believing that
> the Bible is 100% true.
> >You could take all Americans who agree with you "wiberals" and put them
> >on a boat and ship them all off to Madagascar--which we should.
> You could take all the people in the world who agree with you, and put
> them all on a boat and ship them off to Antarctica, since your ideas
> are for the birds, and that is all that are there.
> >According to JEWISH sources, there were 4% MORE jews after WWII than
> >were before.
> Nonsense.  You can play all the games you want with selective
> quotations from sources, but Holocaust denial won't get you anywhere.
> >Why are you continuing to promote this most infamous of all jewish LIES,
> >long after it's been proven to be a jewish LIE, lojbab?
> Only in your raving mind, where Rumpelstiltskin has to be true because
> no one has proven it wrong.
> >What's in it for you?
> The enjoyment of watching you dance, as you swerve to avoid the
> pitfalls of reality with your imaginary "facts".
> >It seems that the "wiberal" religion is centered around the promotion of
> >biggest LIES that jews can create.  Why is that?
> Because for you, what things *seem*, is not what they *are*.
> lojbab

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