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Dear group,

The American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are two
entirely different dog breeds, with two entirely different head shapes and
at least two entirely different color/family strains.

The American Staffordshire Terrier has a fist-shaped head and Boston or
Tortoiseshell coloring.  The American Pit Bull Terrier usually has a large
block head (square), and a variety of different family color strains, such
as Brindle, Red Nose, Old Family Red, Bluie, Blue, Boston, and Yellow.
Please check out the American Pit Bull Terrier at or and click on the center picture.  Also,
check out for some more-or-less reliable
American Pit Bull Terrier Breeders, with really good pictures of the dogs
they bred.  Thank you.


Richard C. August

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> Oh, my. You sure are stupid. I have eight Labrador / Rottweilers, and they
> love me and my younger daughter above all other humans in the world. Dogs
> and cats I don't even know approach me for affection, because they
> instinctively trust me. Indeed, most herbivore pets [e.g. birds, rabbits]
> are skittish of me because I smell of predator to them. So much for you,
> drippy dick.
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> > I found this and I thought it was interesting.
> > Lawdy be! A woman killed by her 4 pit bulls. Surprise, surprise. The pit
> > bull (American Staffordshire terrier) was bred for the purpose of
> fighting.
> > That means teeth, blood, torn flesh -- that sort of thing. "Pit", that's
> > their arena. "Bull" does not mean female. I guess our land of morons has
> > been seeing too many Disney movies. What in hell does an owner of such
> > animals think he is doing? I'll be nice to a pit bull, feed him oatmeal,
> and
> > he'll become a Chihuahua. It should never be forgotten, if one has the
> > brains to understand in the first place, that dogs are pack animals. One
> pit
> > bull per family is enough but add another, that's two Virginia, and the
> pack
> > instinct is amplified. When one has a pack of four, you are inviting
> > disaster, big time. The equation is simple. The more dogs, the less the
> > human influence.
> >
> > Have you noticed that there are far fewer attacks by dogs, or simians,
> upon
> > males than there are upon children or women? There is another factor
> > which the feminist crowd dislikes. Females, with their soft ways, are
> quite
> > effective with animals when it comes to herbivores, especially horses.
> > many females are in the horse 'breaking' business though. When it comes
> > the fang crowd, any farmer knows that its the man who is most effective
> > control. Trainers of African cats, lions etc., have told me that the
> female
> > voice will often set off a lion to attack. It appears that chauvinism
> exists
> > among carnivores also. If that can be proved, then maybe our feminists
> > strive to outlaw Nature. When loving, the female voice is often quite
> > soothing, but when yapping, it remains one of the most irritating sounds
> on
> > earth
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