brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 22 09:15:53 EST 2002

Dear Doc Jeff,

The fact that a plane operates by stick shifts and levers has NOTHING, I
repeat, absolutely NOTHING, to do with women crashing more planes than men,
or than are lost in active combat.

This has entirely to do with hand-to-eye coordination and training,
training, training, in the art of war, for which God never designed women.
God neither called nor designed women to fight.  Men were made to have good
hand-to-eye coordination and better fighting skills to protect and defend
our women against marauders, and protect and defend our lands as well.

Piloting an aircraft for war also has absolutely nothing to do with
masturbation, as you relate here.  If that were the case, the plane would
already come "full of holes" (ahem).

Please, Doc Jeff, could you pull your mind out of the gutter for just this
brief moment?  Thank you.


Richard C. August
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> >Women pilots have already crashed more military aircraft than we've lost
> >foreign enemies in the last 3 decades.  It's been abundantly documented
> >per mile flown, women pilots are 4 times more likely than men pilots, and
> >per mile driven, women drivers are 4 times more likely than men drivers,
> >have accidents. and
> >
> The main reason for women pilots crashing so much is that
> airplanes are designed to be flown by men. The "stick" is designed to
> be a phallic as possible so men would feel comfortable with it from
> the start. They're used to yanking and tugging on a control between
> their legs so they're naturally better at it.
> Women aren't used to grabbing a dangling appendage between
> their legs so they are, therefore, uncomfortable with yanking and
> tugging the "stick" to get it to produce results.
> Had airplanes been designed by women, I'm sure women would've
> been better pilots.
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