brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > How do you explain the fact that, according to your own sources and your
> own
> > opinion, fewer men than women and whites than blacks 'have brains'?
> > Affirmative action?
> >
> Affirmative action has had its deleterious effect on society, so the
> may be a bit distorted right now.  After all, even though two thirds of
> those who score over 550 on SAT Math are boys, girls are almost two thirds
> of college admissions.  This is one of the lingering effects of aa.

  Or perhpas it's a lingering effect of the fact that girls score better on
the written portion of the SAT.  I mean really, did you think that moronic
trick would fool anyone?  So much for Christinas having brains.  And you
didn't answer the question.

> > You've also argued that income level is directly proportional to
> > intelligence.  But what's this?
> >
> > Income above $50,000: 17%
> > Income below $20,000: 6.5%
> >
> >
> > John Knight, you are an idiot.  You are widely disrespected by
> intelligent,
> > thinking people.  You are a liar.  You distort and misrepresent
> > to support your position.  You use logical fallacies like they're going
> out
> > of fashion.  You are beyond hope.
> >
> > Rowena.
> >
> You didn't define the percentage column, but if we assume that this is the
> percentage of those in each income category (which is about the only thing
> we can assume), then you're a total dunce if you think this proves
> much less that it proves something about the correlation between income
> level and intelligence.

  He assummed that and you seem to agree with him.  If income corelates to
intelligence how do you explain why rich poeple don't tend to believe your
Jewish fairy stories about a garden of Eden?  Could it be that it doesn't
brains to be a Christian?  That all it takes is "faith" and "love" as every
preacher I've ever heard says?

> A more accurate representation would be to take standardized test scores
> compare them to incomes for various groups, like different college majors
> broken down by race and sex.  What you would find is the following:
> Incomes increase $146 per year for each 1 point increase in GRE
> scores.
> Incomes increase $187 per year for each 1 point increase in SAT Math
> Incomes increase $600 per year for each 1 point increase in NAEP Math
> Scores.
> Incomes increase $6,667 per year for each 1 point increase in ACT
> Scores.
> This is the average
> There are some notable exceptions to the rule.  For example, nigger men
> much more than the scores that nigger boys get suggest that they should
> earn, on all the standardized tests.  No doubt this is because of
> affirmative action.  Their GRE scores suggest their annual incomes should
> around $25k per year, but they earn an average of $30k per year.
> Conversely, Hispanic boys' score on GRE suggests they should be earning
> per year, but they actually earn only $33.5k (suggesting they're getting
> short end of the stick on aa).
> John Knight

  Really?  And what do Jewish boys get?  Doubtless as part of the conspiracy
they get
more than anyone compared to their test scores?  The trouble is they are
against by AA.


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