brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > All of her [OhSojourner's] other points are just as stupid
> > as the one about "widening gap between rich and poor".
> Yeah, that's a common bit of misdirection often used
> by left-wing polemicists.  Defining a "widening gap" as
> the problem makes the very problem the leftie makes
> such noise about unsolvable by definition -- unless
> equal misery is the leftie's goal.
> > John Lott proved once and for all that it's women
> > voters like her who can't possibly understand the
> > first thing about economics who caused government
> > spending to skyrocket from 2% to 42% of each
> > wage dollar in the first place.
> No he didn't.  I suggest you read John Lott's study
> again, John Knight.  A much more easily argued
> inference from Mr. Lott's study is that women know
> plenty about economics (compared to men!),
> certainly enough to know that when enfranchised,
> women can -- as a class -- spend other people's
> money with abandon.
> > The quickest way to fix all the ills of society she
> > [OhSojourner] refers to (and she's missing 95% of
> >the most important ones) is to repeal the 19th Amendment
> Now you're ranting.  And wrong.  Re-read your US history,
> bub.  Many of those "ills" began in the Progressive Era
> of US politics which occurred well before the 19th
> Amendment to the US Constitution was passed.

SINCE "women's suffrage" reared its ugly head, the murder and incarceration
and violent crime rates increased more than ten fold, the divorce rate
increased more than 50 fold, the rate of fatherlessness increased more than
20 fold, personal savings plunged from the world's highest to the
industrialized world's lowest (leaving us as the only industrialized nation
with a negative personal savings rate), more was spent on welfare than the
value of every Fortune 500 corporation and every acre of farm land,
combined, an American man became 1,000 times more likely of an Italian or a
Greek or a Japanese man to be accused of and arrested for and convicted of
rape, our public debt skyrocketed to more than 50% of GDP (the highest
public debt in human history), mortgage debt now exceeds the total asset
value of all the homes in the country, the federal government has engaged in
more than 40 *expensive* and failed programs than the worst communist
dictator you can name , "health services"
costs increased ten fold as a percent of GDP and still men in countries like
Japan and Australia spend half as much and live 4 years longer, the cancer
rate increased 3 fold, and just in the last half a century, SAT scores are
down 98 points leaving the US DEAD LAST in more TIMSS subjects than any
other country, the amount of time PER DAY that children watch TV increased
from 5 hours to 7 hours, US banks in the Top 40 World Banks declined from 22
to 1(with assets of $120 billion) as the number of Japanese increased to 24
(with assets of $5,000 Billion), the number of lawyers increased to 60 times
that of Japan as the number of engineers declined to less than a quarter of
Japan, and the ratio of manufacturing employees to government employees
declined from 2.5:1 to less than 1:1.

It would be interesting Society, to hear where you think this silver lining
to women's suffrage is?

John Knight

ps--your point about Lott's study might be accurate, but imho it's a biased
way of paraphrasing it.

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