brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Thu Aug 22 12:10:17 EST 2002

<raugust at> wrote:
>Josh McDowell  was in college and dating a young lady.  As a Christian, she
>challenged him to disprove the Holy Bible in all its aspects, historical and
>spiritual.  Mr. McDowell tried in every way to disprove Holy text, using
>historical records, maps, biological records, evolution, revolution, and
>everything else on which he could lay hands.

What does it mean "disprove Holy text"?

Given a supernatural all-powerful God, you can neither "prove"
anything or "disprove" anything.  There is always the possibility,
however unlikely, that "God is making it so we are fooled into
believing/disbelieving what would be clear without that possibility".

Even if you get by that little problem, you have to decide what
interpretation of the Bible is to be disproved.  The 7 24-hour days
creation, or the metaphorical 7 steps creation.  The one where someone
dated that creation took place in 4004 BC or perhaps some different

And if part of the Bible consists of myths, so what? Is a myth
"false"?  Not if it has underlying truth conveyed metaphorically.
Jesus spoke in parables and we have no trouble with this.  Why do we
assume that the stories in Genesis are NOT parables?  We shouldn't.


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