brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >A fellow officer got a Gold Medal at an Olympic event.  There was another
> >Gold Medal winner in the same event who got a Gold Medal, who scored 32%
> >higher.  There were 9 other men in this event who all scored more than
> >higher; one got a Silver Medal, one got a Bronze Medal, and 7 got no
> >
> >I'll bet you know why this fellow officer got a Gold medal, while the 7
> >contestants who scored more than 30% higher got no medal?
> They were in different competitions.  You've already pulled this
> Olympic diving stuff out before.  Olympic diving is rated by judges
> subjectively, and on different parameters for the two genders.  If
> they wanted head to head competition, there would be head to head
> competition.
> lojbab

And you know why "they" don't want "head to head competition", right?  Women
wouldn't get one single Gold Medal, would they?

Many of the judges in these events are women, and they use the same standard
to judge both sexes.  The only Olympic event that uses a different standard
is the shot put.  The men't shot put is twice the weight of the women's shot
put (16 vs. 8 pounds), and still men outperform women by more than 30% (71.2
vs. 54.64 feet).

Think about that.  Men throw a piece of metal that's TWICE the weight of the
one women throw, and still they score more than 30% higher than women.

TIMSS physics proves that the differences in intellectual skills between men
and women are even bigger than this, though.  There simply can be no
comparison between a man like Pierre Curie and his brother spending decades
developing scientific theories, and a lab flunky like Marie sharing in that
prize after a few years of "assisting" him.  If anyone SHOULD have shared in
that prize, it's Pierre's brother, not his lab flunky wife.

Even "men" like you bought into this big zionist LIE.  American women have
spread this mass hysteria about this new-found female "intelligence" like
the best case they've ever hatched.  It's even better than the mass hysteria
they spread about men beating their wives more often during the Super Bowl.
Not even the mass hysteria about flying saucers is this juicy.

John Knight

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