brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Dear Doc Jeff,
> >
> > The fact that a plane operates by stick shifts and levers has NOTHING, I
> > repeat, absolutely NOTHING, to do with women crashing more planes than
> men,
> > or than are lost in active combat.
> >
> > This has entirely to do with hand-to-eye coordination and training,
> > training, training, in the art of war, for which God never designed
> > God neither called nor designed women to fight.  Men were made to have
> good
> > hand-to-eye coordination and better fighting skills to protect and
> > our women against marauders, and protect and defend our lands as well.
> >
> > Piloting an aircraft for war also has absolutely nothing to do with
> > masturbation, as you relate here.  If that were the case, the plane
> > already come "full of holes" (ahem).
> >
> > Please, Doc Jeff, could you pull your mind out of the gutter for just
> > brief moment?  Thank you.
> >
> Try telling that to the women who fight in Israel, Palestine, Vietnam, and
> countless other countries.  Try telling that to the female USAF pilots who
> are the only women in the US military allowed to participate in combat.
> Please, Richard August, pull your mind out of your ass for just this brief
> moment.
> --
> The Shadow Dancer

It's been 30 years since the Israeli's allowed women into combat, because
they learned their lesson, real hard.

The only Palestinian or Vietnamese women in "combat" are the ones who got
blasted to smithereens in the "comfort" of their own homes, like the
Christian women in Bethlehem and Jenin whose homes just became their coffins
when the big brave jews ran over them with OUR tanks and shot little
Palestinian girls in the eye with "rubber" bullets provided by US.

Ever since WWII, female pilots have regularly destroyed US military aircraft
at a greater rate than almost ALL of our foreign enemies, combined, ever
shot them down.  More than half of women combat pilots have already killed
themselves and destroyed OUR multi-million dollar military aircraft.  Women
airline pilots have had four TIMES as many accidents per hour flown as men
airline pilots.

With women combat pilots, we don't even need a war to destroy the existing
stockpile of military weapons, do we?  Per capita, their negative
contribution to the military is even more expensive than their negative
contribution to GDP.

John Knight

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