brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> The fact that a plane operates by stick shifts and levers has
> NOTHING, I repeat, absolutely NOTHING, to do with women crashing more
> planes than men, or than are lost in active combat.

        Please take my previous post in the manner in which it was
intended. And when replying to me, please put your post BELOW the quote
so I can actually read it easier. Posting on top is an almost certain
guarantee that I won't read your message.

> This has entirely to do with hand-to-eye coordination and training,
> training, training, in the art of war, for which God never designed
> women. God neither called nor designed women to fight.  Men were made
> to have good hand-to-eye coordination and better fighting skills to
> protect and defend our women against marauders, and protect and
> defend our lands as well.

        This is essentially a load of bullshit. Women fought in biblical
times just like the men did. I therefore must believe that you have a
streak of misogyny inside your frail old body.

> Piloting an aircraft for war also has absolutely nothing to do with
> masturbation, as you relate here.  If that were the case, the plane
> would already come "full of holes" (ahem).

        Once again, please take my previous message in the manner in
which it was intended. With a handful of exceptions, it was taken as

> Please, Doc Jeff, could you pull your mind out of the gutter for just
> this brief moment?  Thank you.

        My mind resides within the confines of my brain. It has never
been in a gutter. My nose, however, has longed for access to a certain
female heinie... :>


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