brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Fri Aug 23 08:16:57 EST 2002

johnknight at (John Knight) wrote:
>The POINT is that the only reason the 9 men who outperformed this
>fellow officer by more than 30% did NOT get a Gold Medal is *because*
>they were MEN.  No other reason.

No.  The reason that they did not get a gold medal, is that they did
not win their competition.

>The only reason this fellow officer got a Gold Medal even though 9
>other contestants outperformed her by a large margin is *because* she
>is a woman.  No other reason.

No.  The reason is that she won her competition.  She was not
competing with the men.  It was an entirely separate event, held on a
different day, perhaps even with different judges, judging to
different standards.

>This is plain and simple *sexual discrimination*, and nothing else.

Well, duh.  Having separate events for men and women is a form of
segregation, which in turn is a form of discrimination.

>What exactly do you think was accomplished by this *sexual

Depends on what precisely we are talking about in referring to the
"accomplishments" of Olympic competition in the first place.

> Were American women somehow improved by giving a
>Gold Medal to someone who didn't even come close to the 9 men?

Was the purpose to improve American women?  I don't think so.  The
purpose was to award the winner of a competition, one in which the 9
men did not compete.

>No. Was it fair to the men?  Absolutely not.

I have no idea why you say this.  If they had not had a separate event
for women, women would likely not have gotten a gold medal, that is
true.  But no more men would have gotten a gold medal.

>Did it enhance or enrich the
>Olympic events in some way?  No, if anything, it discredited them.

Only to a nincompoop like you.

>You can't name one single benefit from this *sexual discrimination*,
>can you?  You know that there were many problems with it, but we know
>that you can't name a single off-setting benefit to anyone.

The benefit, so far as I know, is to promote the love of sport and
competition among both men and women.  That is the stated purpose of
the Olympics.

So far as I know, I haven't heard of any country calling for the
elimination of separate mens and women's competitions. I don't expect
to, either.


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