brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Please, get a clue.  All a woman needs to do is accuse a man of abusing
> > and off he goes to never-neverland.
> >
> > This is why we now NEED DNA testing for ALL crimes to determine exactly
> > committed them, and also thorough investigations of all cases to
> > who started or precipitated the event.
> > Richard C. August
> You know, I actually feel sorry for what you went through. That does suck,
but that
> doesn't make all women bad. It also doesn't make all men good.
> The laws need to be changed for the betterment of all. Equilibrium must be
> but it won't be with both sides shouting abject HATE at each other. Hate
only begets
> hate.
> Joseph A Nagy Jr

Changing the laws isn't going to fix the problem.  Upholding existing laws
when women are involved, and ending the documented, known systemic
discrimination against men by the courts and judges and juries, may fix 95%
of the problem.  But as long as jews run the courts, this won't happen.

Here's just one example:  American men are 1,000 times more likely to be
accused, tried, convicted, and sentenced for rape than Italian or Japanese
or Greek men.  The result is that American men are a third of all the men in
the world who are in prison, even though the US is only 4.5% of the world
population.  And DNA tests PROVED that at least half of the men who went
through the entire legal process did NOT match the DNA from the crime
scene--meaning that they were innocent as charged.

It's entirely possible that HALF of the men currently in prison are
INNOCENT, but were convited based on known LIES told by women.

Can you even imagine what this has done to the country?  And that might be
very conservative.  If we reduced our prison population 95%, we'd still have
an incarceration rate higher than countries like Japan.  Is it possible that
95% are innocent?  Yes.  What Richard described is a TIP of the iceberg.

What has happened to these hundreds of thousands of women who filed a
falsified police report?  Nothing.  Why not?  Because if they were
prosecuted for their crimes, crimes which experts like Charles McDowell
states are more serious than the original false charge IF it had been
completely true, the jewish lawyer cash cow would be dead.

You can't have 2 million men in prison in a country with only 4.5% of the
world's population, when there are only 4 million men in prison in the rest
of the world with the other 95.5% of the population, and not question the

Why and how did our legal process get so out of control?  STUPID women like
Bonnie Fisher were permitted to get involved in government

It would be bad enough if they were just STUPID.  But they're also the worst
criminals on the planet, but they'll never be prosecuted since they're
protected because they work for the government.

What is the process that causes this?  According to the Bureau of Justice

Men are one fifth as likely as women to be acquitted for the same crime.

Men are 16% more likely to be imprisoned if convicted.

Men receive prison sentences 2.7 times longer than women for the same crime.

American men are 1,000 times more likely than Japanese men to be accused of
sexual assault.

Women are over half of the defendants (55%) in "only" one category of family
murder: parents killing their offspring.

Wives are twice as likely as husbands to kill their spouse with a knife.

Wives are twice as likely as husbands to initiate a contract to kill their

It's not that women aren't committing crimes.  They aren't being prosecuted
for it.

John Knight

ps--accusing people of "hate" isn't going to cut it either, Joseph.

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