Biopsychosocial Psychiatry

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> I'm pleased to say that I have not come across this kind
> of extreme position in UK psychiatry though.
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> Nick Medford

Yours might be a case of particularly thick (thus extra desensitizing) "wool
over head". Or else you might be living on if not a different so at least a
particularly 'sheltered side' of the planet.

Yet again there are many subtly different manifestations of the
"A.E.V.A.S.I.V.E." aspect of our human phenotype.

The first post of this thread points, if not explicitly so, towards the
powerful role played by *slowly* as well as rapidly *traumatic* situations
[or some mixture of thus traumatically adverse environmental "presences"
(typically 'abusive') and/or "absences" (typically depriving)].

It also points towards existing but largely socially, medically, and
scientifically ignored terms for the insidious symptom-generating existence
of a trauma specific type of learning, and (hence not fully, or not at all,
conscious) type of memories.

These terms include PTSD, shell-shock, engrams, primal pain, '(stored)
trauma', and the acronym-concept C.U.R.S.E.S. (dots usually dispensed with).

It is not that I in any way deny the importance of varied genetic
vulnerabilities, only that what I mention above is (or represents) some of
the from our political, educational, philosophical and
scientific-anthropobiological 'scene', and our society-wide self-awareness
*most missing* aspects of "how we are", and how we got/get to be "this way"!

Peter F
This post of mine was, as my posts almost always are, stingily sponsored by
EAIMC Internetional Ptd. Lty., and *not just* jotted in justifiable though
author-image jeopardizing jester, but - by jove! - also with some equally
well warranted serious intent.

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