brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > Of the 2 billion Christians in the world, 981,465 of them are Catholics,
> > the count might actually be a bit high.
> source?
> I have Roman Catholics at 1,057.327.000 and Orrhodox at 215,128,000
> Total Christians at 1,999,560,000
> 2001 Encyclopedia Beitannical Book of the Year

Close enough.  The figures at are for 1966, so if you
have later figures, that would explain the increase.

The population of jews is a bit harder to track down.  If we believe their
figures then there was a real
"holocaust" between 1988 and 1994, because 4.5 million jews just upped and

If they can't keep track of jews any better than that, then what's there to
make us believe that they had the slightest idea what the population of jews
was after WWII?

John Knight

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