brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Sat Aug 24 15:37:00 EST 2002

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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> writes:
> > You're close, Tom, but still off the mark.  Let me give you an example of
> > how far off the mark.
> > 
> > A fellow officer got a Gold Medal at an Olympic event.  There was another
> > Gold Medal winner in the same event who got a Gold Medal, who scored 32%
> > higher.  There were 9 other men in this event who all scored more than 30%
> > higher; one got a Silver Medal, one got a Bronze Medal, and 7 got no medals.
> > 
> > I'll bet you know why this fellow officer got a Gold medal, while the 7
> > contestants who scored more than 30% higher got no medal?
> I expect the same reason that every year the Boston Marathon, held not
> far from where I live, has one winner who came in around 30th, and
> another winner who came in first (and actually gets less publicity in
> the local media)


If that "birth group" [to use the feminazi lexicon] called women is
given these special privileges due solely to a known double standard,
then why should every other "birth group" be denied the same

Because women have been "discriminated against for millennia"?  bunk. 
All minority groups make the same whine.  If that's the reason, then
the top nigger should have one winner, and the top Mexican should, and
the top Estonian should, and the top Estonian from the Southwest
should be distinguised from the top Estonian from the Northeast.

Creating double standards by race actually makes more sense than
creating a double standard just for women, because each one of these
top athletes score higher than the top woman, in every event.

We might argue that this discrimination against men is "subtle", but
it's not.  It's flagrant.  It's institutionalized.  It's promoted by
media and government.  It's practiced in every classroom in the
country, which is mostly why American boys did so poorly on TIMSS,

And it's amoral.

John Knight

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