brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Sun Aug 25 17:18:10 EST 2002

"[    DocJeff    ]" <anti at> wrote:
>> This has entirely to do with hand-to-eye coordination and training,
>> training, training, in the art of war, for which God never designed
>> women. God neither called nor designed women to fight.  Men were made
>> to have good hand-to-eye coordination and better fighting skills to
>> protect and defend our women against marauders, and protect and
>> defend our lands as well.
>        This is essentially a load of bullshit. Women fought in biblical
>times just like the men did. I therefore must believe that you have a
>streak of misogyny inside your frail old body.

several names mentioned herein
Semiramis, ruler of Assyria
women warriors of Japanese history
several African queens, some of them warrior queens

And while it is not about combat, here is a present for Mr. August and
the noncompoop, women haters, about the women who served the Lord in
the Bible as spiritual leaders:


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