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Sun Aug 25 17:28:27 EST 2002

Dear Bob,

" Pornography seems to be in the mind of the beholder.  If you don't like
it, don't listen to it."

For us to do that, we would have to surrender our telephones, cancel our
cable TV and modem services, trash our radios, never go to any stores, and
hope and pray that some soul would find us to deliver food and clothing to
our caves.

This is thanks to the Jewish liberal media.


Richard C. August

"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at> wrote in message
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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >It's interesting that jojbab would claim that living by Christian
> >would be tantamount to "suffer with him".
> Living by Mr. August's version of Christian principles would be like
> living in a monastery.  We have the choice not to do so.
> >This computer gets bombarded hourly with unwanted pornographic messages.
> I haven't gotten any in at least several hours, probably several days.
> Occasionally spammers do hit me, but that is a consequence of my
> choice to post on Usenet with my real email address.  In your case, I
> have no doubt that some people would target you specifically because
> of your obnoxious behavior.
> >Children use this computer when naked women pop up all over the place.
> You have children using your computer? Then they are exposed to YOUR
> filth, which is worse than any naked woman.
> While I have gotten pornographic spam, I have never gotten a picture
> of a naked woman popping up on my computer.  I have to open an image
> file in order to see it, and I choose not to do so.
> >It's impossible to get away from Britney Spears.
> Really?  I've never met her myself.  My kids would love to.  I haven't
> even seen her picture for at least a week or two (I haven't kept
> track).
> >The nigger music is the vilest, most degenerate form of pornography
> Pornography seems to be in the mind of the beholder.  If you don't
> like it, don't listen to it.
> >But mention the Holy Bible, and 20 million jews and niggers and feminazis
> >and other muds and "liberals" all of a sudden "feel insulted".
> I am more insulted by your presence on the nets than I am by a mention
> of the Holy Bible.
> I am insulted by your sloppy research, and by claims that you pull out
> of your strange orifice, which are so easily disproved.
> >This subtle jewish censorship, wherein children can walk into a classroom
> >with a picture of an almost naked Britney Spears with impunity, but if
> >were to tuck a Holy Bible in their school bag they could get charged with
> >multiple crimes, is simply unacceptable.
> I've never seen a kid charged with a crime for carrying a Bible in
> their school bag.
> >Richard's not asking people to "suffer with him".  He's asking us to free
> >the male sex from this incessant, unwanted, pornographic, un-Godly,
> >anti-Christian, vile, crass, counterproductive, sexist, bombardment of
> >female sexuality.  Enough is enough.
> If a member of the male sex wishes that, they can go join Richard in
> his monastery.  That is what monasteries are designed for - to lock
> men away from the sinful world.
> >He doesn't have just a *right* to demand this.
> He has the right to demand anything he wants under free speech.  We
> ave the right to ignore his demands.
> >Why can't you understand that, as a Christian, he has a *responsibility*
> >do so.
> We don't care what he feels his responsibilities are.  We are human
> beings with our own rights, and do not need every Christian thinking
> that they need to be our parents.
> >And he has millennia of "case law" and billions of Christians behind
> >him.
> He does not.  This Christian is not behind him.  The multitude of
> Christians in Europe who have fewer taboos on sexual display are
> obviously not behind him.
> Get it through your head: Most Christians do not believe as you do,
> and do not believe that Christianity compels or even suggests that
> they believe as you do.
> You are a loser, not a Christian.
> >All you feminazis have behind you is millennia of failures,
> Try some simple logic, nincompoop. I doubt that any feminazis have
> tried to do anything for millennia, so they can hardly have failed for
> millennia.
> >maybe the 15
> >million jews in the world, the 1% of the population who're faggots, and a
> >small percentage of the 33 million niggers in the country (namely the
> >making pornographic nigger music).
> What about them?
> >Many countries have succeeded in banning American nigger music and
> >pornography.
> Which ones are these?
> >And those are the countries which don't have the tremendous
> >social problems we have.
> If they exist, they don't have our freedoms either.  In most of them,
> you would not be able to post your BS on the net.  You are free to
> move to any of them if you choose.  We won't miss you.
> >You feminazis will NEVER take responsibility for
> >your evil deeds, so American MEN have to do that, and this is as good a
> >place as any to START.
> I'm an American man, and I take no responsibility for anyone's deed
> but my own.
> I do not think you have either the responsibility OR the right to take
> responsibility for the deeds of those who you condemn.
> lojbab

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