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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >It's interesting that jojbab would claim that living by Christian
> >would be tantamount to "suffer with him".
> Living by Mr. August's version of Christian principles would be like
> living in a monastery.  We have the choice not to do so.

READ: you INSIST on your "right to commit adultery", and being prohibited
from doing so "would be like living in a monastery".


> >This computer gets bombarded hourly with unwanted pornographic messages.
> I haven't gotten any in at least several hours, probably several days.
> Occasionally spammers do hit me, but that is a consequence of my
> choice to post on Usenet with my real email address.  In your case, I
> have no doubt that some people would target you specifically because
> of your obnoxious behavior.

Most Americans, even most women, think you feminazis and "liberals" are the
most disgusting creatures walking the Earth.  But this pornography is
flooding email accounts that aren't even known or used.  The pornographers
are able to get completely "virgin" email addresses and are flooding the
internet with their garbage.

Now, it could be the jews, or the government itself, but the likelihood that
it's the moron "liberals" on this forum are zero unless they have access to
all internet addresses.

> >Children use this computer when naked women pop up all over the place.
> You have children using your computer? Then they are exposed to YOUR
> filth, which is worse than any naked woman.

The feeling is mutual.  The last person in the world whom my children should
be exposed to are you feminazis and "liberals".

> While I have gotten pornographic spam, I have never gotten a picture
> of a naked woman popping up on my computer.  I have to open an image
> file in order to see it, and I choose not to do so.
> >It's impossible to get away from Britney Spears.
> Really?  I've never met her myself.  My kids would love to.  I haven't
> even seen her picture for at least a week or two (I haven't kept
> track).

This would be considered child abuse in most parts of the world, and just
because you view this as "enlightenment" or "freedom" doesn't mean that it's
not sheer license in the view of moral people.

> >The nigger music is the vilest, most degenerate form of pornography
> Pornography seems to be in the mind of the beholder.  If you don't
> like it, don't listen to it.
> >But mention the Holy Bible, and 20 million jews and niggers and feminazis
> >and other muds and "liberals" all of a sudden "feel insulted".
> I am more insulted by your presence on the nets than I am by a mention
> of the Holy Bible.
> I am insulted by your sloppy research, and by claims that you pull out
> of your strange orifice, which are so easily disproved.

You've never "disproved" a single statement or stat.  All you've done is
whine like a feminazi, while never addressing the point, just like you're
doing above.  If you spent as much time researching a point as you do
thinking up more expletives, you would be able to refute a point or two, or
make a correction to a stat.  You've literally never done that.

> >This subtle jewish censorship, wherein children can walk into a classroom
> >with a picture of an almost naked Britney Spears with impunity, but if
> >were to tuck a Holy Bible in their school bag they could get charged with
> >multiple crimes, is simply unacceptable.
> I've never seen a kid charged with a crime for carrying a Bible in
> their school bag.

It's in the news, regularly.  It's all over the internet.  A simple search
on Google would find many examples. If this is an example of  how you "so
easily disproved" something out of my "strange orifice",  you just failed

> >Richard's not asking people to "suffer with him".  He's asking us to free
> >the male sex from this incessant, unwanted, pornographic, un-Godly,
> >anti-Christian, vile, crass, counterproductive, sexist, bombardment of
> >female sexuality.  Enough is enough.
> If a member of the male sex wishes that, they can go join Richard in
> his monastery.  That is what monasteries are designed for - to lock
> men away from the sinful world.

It's also what government's are for, which is why most governments DO allow
school prayer and DO NOT permit license with pornography.

> >He doesn't have just a *right* to demand this.
> He has the right to demand anything he wants under free speech.  We
> ave the right to ignore his demands.
> >Why can't you understand that, as a Christian, he has a *responsibility*
> >do so.
> We don't care what he feels his responsibilities are.  We are human
> beings with our own rights, and do not need every Christian thinking
> that they need to be our parents.

ahh, here it is!  Finally, an admission that you're a jew!

To all jews, upholding Christian principles is tantamount to parental

What you want is license, not the rule of law.  You want license to do what
you "feel" is right while denying men like Richard the ability to even live
as a Christian in his own Christian nation.

You *insist* on your "right to commit adultery", just as the slut Betty
Friedan and all her minions insist on.

And demanding the "right to commit adultery" is no less dangerous to society
than demanding the "right to murder".  It is, in fact, MORE dangerous.

> >And he has millennia of "case law" and billions of Christians behind
> >him.
> He does not.  This Christian is not behind him.  The multitude of
> Christians in Europe who have fewer taboos on sexual display are
> obviously not behind him.

You're confusing pornography (or "sexual display") with NON-sexual dress
customs.  The French don't consider the display of the woman's breast on the
beaches of Monaco to be "sexual display", but they are insulted enough by
our pornographic media that they've had the good sense to BAN all of it.

Russia has done the same, in spite of the attempts by the jews Gussinski and
Berezovski to spread our jewish filth in Russia.  Putin casually announced
on the Larry King Live Show several months ago that these despicable media
jews were "bankrupt", which prompted these CRIMINAL jews to exit stage left
and ask for "political asylum" in the US.

> Get it through your head: Most Christians do not believe as you do,
> and do not believe that Christianity compels or even suggests that
> they believe as you do.
> You are a loser, not a Christian.

What can a jew possibly "think" about what Christians know?

Absolutely nothing.

You "know" even less about what Christians know than you "know" about
physics (which is less than zero).

> >All you feminazis have behind you is millennia of failures,
> Try some simple logic, nincompoop. I doubt that any feminazis have
> tried to do anything for millennia, so they can hardly have failed for
> millennia.

You don't really think feminaziism is new, do you?

He [Asa, King of Judah 911-870 BC] even deprived his grandmother Maacah of
the dignity of a 'great lady' for having made an obscenity for Asherah; Asa
cut down her obscenity and burnt it in the ravine of the Kidron, 1 Kings

This is from 2,800 years ago, and feminazis have been around longer than

> >maybe the 15
> >million jews in the world, the 1% of the population who're faggots, and a
> >small percentage of the 33 million niggers in the country (namely the
> >making pornographic nigger music).
> What about them?
> >Many countries have succeeded in banning American nigger music and
> >pornography.
> Which ones are these?

China, Russia, France, India, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and even some African
countries, have had the brains to refuse to let "American" jewish
pornography into their coutries.  There have been some lapses in some areas,
but at least they have the wherewithal to correct their mistakes, where we
just plug along as if there's no problem (thanks mostly to jews, "liberals",
niggers, other muds, faggots, and feminazis who collectively wouldn't have
the brains to pour pis. out of a boot if the directions were on the heel).

> >And those are the countries which don't have the tremendous
> >social problems we have.
> If they exist, they don't have our freedoms either.  In most of them,
> you would not be able to post your BS on the net.  You are free to
> move to any of them if you choose.  We won't miss you.

There's a huge difference between "freedom" and "license".  You're not
demanding "freedom"--you're demanding "license".  You want only the "right
to commit adultery" with no personal consequences, and 84-90% of Americans
DISAGREE with you.

Which poll do you think is the most accurate:

1)  Our own poll, which shows 84%
want adultery laws to be upheld, or

2) The Gallup Poll which shows that 90% believe adultery is "always wrong"
or "almost always wrong"?

Either way, your demand for "license" is not just amoral--it's illegal, and
it's unpopular.

> >You feminazis will NEVER take responsibility for
> >your evil deeds, so American MEN have to do that, and this is as good a
> >place as any to START.
> I'm an American man, and I take no responsibility for anyone's deed
> but my own.
> I do not think you have either the responsibility OR the right to take
> responsibility for the deeds of those who you condemn.
> lojbab

This Christian nation has much more resolve and much more responsibility
than you feminazis and "liberals" could ever comprehend. There's much more
that we can do to correct the problems than we've done, but what we've
already done is immense.  It could never have happened without our Christian
foundation, nor had jews been involved in our founding documents.

Your fellow parasitic minority of jews, niggers, feminazis, faggots, and
other "liberals" need to go, just as the Holy Bible demands.  Altogether,
you're less than 15% of the population, and the more you demand license,
reparations, holocaust museums, welfare, foreign aid, warfare against fellow
Aryans, gun control laws, legalized abortion, and laws against simple
prayers to God, the quicker that'll happen.

To the up to 91% of those who've responded to the poll that they want to exile the jews first,
that can't happen soon enough.

John Knight

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