More Calories More Alzheimer's Disease

Peter F. fell_spamtrap_in at
Mon Aug 26 12:11:01 EST 2002

It could be that the potential for this disease (perhaps *not* a
gene-pool-wide potential since only one of a pair of identical twins may be
struck by it) gets realized by too 'great and grinding' a load
of glutamate activity caused by stressful environmental factors and their
conditioned-in consequences such as incompletely contained CURSES
[Conditioned-in 'Unconsciously Remembered' Stressors Effecting Symptoms].

Thus it is possible to imagine that types of stressors *other* than
chemical or viral `pollutants` contribute to the triggering of this disease.

If we ignore this possibility (reality), our "battle" against this disease
and very many other "dis_eases" shall continue to proceed more "uphill" than
it needs to.


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