brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob bobx23456 at
Mon Aug 26 12:37:27 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:

> READ: you INSIST on your "right to commit adultery", and being prohibited
> from doing so "would be like living in a monastery".

Read:  You believe in Christian moral definitions such as "adultery." 
Other cultures don't even have that concept or don't consider it bad.

> Most Americans, even most women, think you feminazis and "liberals" are the
> most disgusting creatures walking the Earth.  But this pornography is
> flooding email accounts that aren't even known or used.  The pornographers
> are able to get completely "virgin" email addresses and are flooding the
> internet with their garbage.

So don't read it.  Delete is one of the most powerful keys on your 
keyboard.  Fear of sex is a psychosis.  Fighting pornography is a well 
documented psychosexual perversion.

> The feeling is mutual.  The last person in the world whom my children should
> be exposed to are you feminazis and "liberals".

I can agree with that.  Flooding children with hate is always harmful. 
Taking children away from their fathers is deliberately abusive to the 

>>I've never seen a kid charged with a crime for carrying a Bible in
>>their school bag.
> It's in the news, regularly.  It's all over the internet.  A simple search
> on Google would find many examples. If this is an example of  how you "so
> easily disproved" something out of my "strange orifice",  you just failed
> again.

Balderdash!  The kids can practice whatever religion they want. They 
have prayer meetings at flagpoles in front of many schools.  Its just 
that the school, part of the state, can't teach any one religion.

> ahh, here it is!  Finally, an admission that you're a jew!
> To all jews, upholding Christian principles is tantamount to parental
> authority?

Parental authority is for the home.  The state ought not to uphold any 
set of religious principals from any religion.

> What you want is license, not the rule of law.  

Have you ever heard of "freedom."  Its a new radical concept.  You ought 
to try it sometime.

> You want license to do what
> you "feel" is right while denying men like Richard the ability to even live
> as a Christian in his own Christian nation.

The founders of the US lived in a "Christian nation."  George Washington 
was an officer in a Protestant army that fought a Catholic army in what 
was called locally "The French and Indian War."  He was the only officer 
who survived one battle without death or serious injury.  When he and 
the other founders started the US they deliberately prohibited it from 
becoming a religious country of any religion.  They understood just how 
bad religious fervor is for a nation.  They had seen far too many killed 
fighting over religion.

The US is NOT a Christian Nation, nor a Moslem nation nor a Jewish nation.

> You *insist* on your "right to commit adultery", just as the slut Betty
> Friedan and all her minions insist on.

You *insist* on our "right" to impose your religious moral values on 
your neighbor.  What about ***Freedom*** ?  Why do you oppose freedom?

> And demanding the "right to commit adultery" is no less dangerous to society
> than demanding the "right to murder".  It is, in fact, MORE dangerous.

You are right about one thing.  Unlimited breeding is likely to cause 
more long term environmental destruction than killing off a few 
breeders.  But its NOT as dangerous as religious zealotry.  Now there's 
a real danger.  Unfortunately, to allow freedom, we have to allow 
religious zealots.

> There's a huge difference between "freedom" and "license".  You're not
> demanding "freedom"--you're demanding "license".  You want only the "right
> to commit adultery" with no personal consequences, and 84-90% of Americans
> DISAGREE with you.

Freedom is when YOU can't tell your neighbor what to do, and neither can 
he tell you what you have to do.  Freedom is NOT forcing your neighbor 
to do what 84% of other people want to do.  Freedom is a big concept, 
and I know its difficult for you to comprehend.

> Which poll do you think is the most accurate:
> 1)  Our own poll, which shows 84%
> want adultery laws to be upheld, or
> 2) The Gallup Poll which shows that 90% believe adultery is "always wrong"
> or "almost always wrong"?
> Either way, your demand for "license" is not just amoral--it's illegal, and
> it's unpopular.

FREEDOM is when whatever the polls show is NOT forced on your neighbors. 
    Freedom is when the beliefs of the majority are NOT forced on the 
minority.  That's just oppression.

> Your fellow parasitic minority of jews, niggers, feminazis, faggots, and
> other "liberals" need to go, just as the Holy Bible demands.  Altogether,
> you're less than 15% of the population, and the more you demand license,
> reparations, holocaust museums, welfare, foreign aid, warfare against fellow
> Aryans, gun control laws, legalized abortion, and laws against simple
> prayers to God, the quicker that'll happen.

Try understanding the meaning of freedom sometime.  Try really hard to 
comprehend the concept.


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