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*>> Joseph A Nagy Jr <pagan_prince at> wrote:
*>> >Bob LeChevalier wrote:
*>> >>>A previous complaint was raised in this thread concerning the
*>having the
*>> >>>most censorship in the world.
*>> >>
*>> >> I don't think that we do.
*>> >
*>> >I disagree. Look at how the news is censored. Look at how people
*>wanting others
*>> >to be their eyes and ears and to protect them from the great
"harm" that
*>the internet
*>> >can do to kids. If you want to protect your kids, then trust them
*>to make
*>> >good decisions on what you have taught them. If they can't, then
*>will suffer the
*>> >consequences (punishment by grounding, spanking, etc.)
*>> I am not disagreeing that we have censorship (albeit unofficial).
*>> question is whether we have the most in the world.  Many other
*>> countries have their heavier censorship at the supply end, with
*>> sentences for violation.  A newsperson who violates news
censorship at
*>> most loses his job; the broadcasting company loses some viewers or
*>> sponsor.  No one is killed or goes to jail.
*>You know nothing about the rest of the world that the jews don't
want you to
*>know.  Our brand of censorship is far more insidious than that in
*>country I've ever been to, and I've travelled extensively in 72
*>and lived in 27 of them.  iow, this is yet one more jewish LIE, and
*>Can you name any other country whose Constitution says exactly the
*>of what the actual practice is?  No, you cannot.  Where our
*>says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or
*>prohibiting the free exercise thereof", it's precisely that Congress
*>referred to above which permitted, and still permits, the "supreme"
court to
*>ban spoken Christian prayer in "public" schools.

What part of NO IT ISN'T are you having the most problem with?

Spoken Christian prayer is allowed in public schools, but school
officials are NOT allowed to FORCE everyone to participate.

*>This alone could qualify as the most hypocritical act by any
government in
*>the last 2,000 years of Christian progress.
*>While our Constitution still contains the "osbolete" phrase:
"Congress shall
*>make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech", it's possible that
we have
*>more laws abridging freedom of speech than the rest of the countries
in the
*>world put together.  A fireman hanging a Playboy centerfold in his
*>isn't prohibited because it's pornography--it's banned because it
made his
*>"fellow" firewomen "feel" inadequate.

As does the firewoman who hangs up a Chippendale's calendar. Neither
is acceptable.

*>The grand-daddy of all censorship, though, is related to the
*>"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free
*>State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be
*>The STUPID jews in this country took this statement, and two
centuries of
*>"case law" to the contrary, and turned it exactly inside out,
passing 22,000
*>unconstitutional gun control laws and making a huge joke of this
wording (as
*>well as of the English language, common sense, and the spirit and
intent of
*>our Christian Forefathers).
*>It's the subtle CENSORSHIP regarding this language that should have
*>hopping mad though:  of 300 jewsmedia articles on firearms, only TWO
of them
*>supported the Second Amendment.
*>For the TRUTH to be heard only 0.7% of the time over the years
*>the most amazing, most pernicious, most insidious form of censorship
in the
*>world, because it gives the MORONS the mistaken impression that they
*>some form of free speech.
*>John Knight

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