baptism was Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Matthew Amsel matthew.amsel at
Mon Aug 26 15:06:13 EST 2002

Bob LeChevalier wrote:
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> >Do you know what the Talmud prescribes for a jew who is baptized, unless he
> >does it to deceive Christians?
> >
> >The death penalty.
> I know many Jews who have been baptized. None have gotten the death
> penalty. No Jew has indicated a belief that the death penalty should
> be inflicted on them.  Clearly the Jews do not believe that the Talmud
> commands them as you say it does.

not only that, there wa a fairly significant group called the Essenes
(Jewish mystics), who practiced baptism as a matter of course (can't
recall the time frame, though. i think it was late BC to early AD).
there is some speculation that Joshua ben Miriam (Jesus is the greek
transliteration) by the way, was influenced by some of their practices.
we can be fairly sure that John the Baptist was.

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