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>I put it to you that my way of thinking and focus for explaining ourselves
>is more scary than yours because it is more revealing about details and
>principles that explain how and why we quite naturally have amongst else
>come to rely on selective unconsciousness in order to cope and survive.

  I'm not out to 'scare' folks.

  All my efforts are focused-upon accomplishing 'just'-the-opposite stuff - lifting folks up our of the 'blindly'-automated 'scary' stuff that 'the Beast', Abstract Ignorance [the absence of understanding of the way nervous systems 'blindly' and automatically process-information within nervous systems which, nevertheless, do process-information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization].

  'The Beast', Abstract Ignorance', is 'just' what comes to exist within the biology when 'understanding' accumulates via happenstance, and becomes 'perpetuated', via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, exerting 'powerful' behavioral-inertia, for no other 'reason' than that that which has been merely experienced repetitively becomes 'blindly' and automatically relatively-more TD E/I-minimized.

  All I'm doing is working to address the Savagery the 'blindly'-automated stuff inflicts within the midst of 'humanity' by working to expose the neural information-processing dynamics through which the 'blind'-automation gains its physically-real Existence within nervous systems.

  In the end, it's my Hope that, Given an understanding of such, folk'll Choose to 'evict' 'the Beast', Abstract Ignorance.

  The 'problem' is that 'evicting' Abstract Ignorance is not a 'snap-your-fingers' endeavor.

  Abstract Ignorance has a physically-real Existence ["biological mass"] within the flesh of nervous systems.

  So, I'm in-it for the long-haul, and, in the end, point to the stuff of AoK's Epilogue.

  I'm not out to 'scare' folks.

  All my efforts are focused-upon accomplishing 'just'-the-opposite stuff.

  Lifting folks up 'above' what 'scares' folks.

  >Your sweeping schematization skirts-around relatively discrete and concrete
  >facts/phenomena and concepts such as:
  >"CURSES" (=~memories of 'slow' *as well as* 'fast' trauma); "SHITS"
  >(gradually as well as suddenly traumatizing *situations*); "SHITS-detecting
  >(and deflecting)" inhibitory interneurons.

  Forgive me, Peter, NDT is Decussed :-]

  PF continued:-
  >Such neurons are associated with all actention modules that has the
  >possibility of being environmentally as if turned into overwhelmingly tragic
  >and/or ditto torterous focuses of actention; they usually manages to
  >'preconsciously "gate"', hence to prevent or render "selectively
  >unconscious", self-defeatingly distressful focuses of actention that *would
  >otherwise* become motivated by SHITS and subsequently by CURSES; And they
  >also as if help to reroute (deflect) the gated neural-motivational signals
  >towards often adaptive alternative and focuses of actention.
  >I know it is dangerous to dive too steep and deep into certain truths!
  >Because one might 'drown'! ;-)

  KC interjected:-
  AoK, Ap4, "zone of randomness" - with respect to which, NDT Gives 'Life-Preserver Stuff, and Gives 'swimming' lessons :-]

  PF continued:- 
  >But I rather risque that kind of drowning than debase myself and my
  >intelligence (however much I do have) by naive neurotic beliefs in any kind
  >of deity.

  I'm Sorry, Peter, as I've explained repeatedly, after coming to understand what's in the neural topology, and its functioning, if I Failed to Acknowledge Jesus' Priority, I'd be a Plagerist.

  I can't 'explain how it could be so, 

  PF interjected:-
  Precisely why you can't is/defines my "effectively philosophy terminating" point !

  And why I am trying to put this point across against the advice of my own position of opinion and understanding, is an *exceptionally pathetic* theoretical part of my explanatory philosophical take on things.  

  KC continued:-
  but it's Clear to me that Jesus was Teaching with respect to the Universal Thermodynamic.

  "Love your enemies."

  "Do good to those who persecute you."

  Turn the other cheek."

  "Go the extra mile ['go beyond experience']"

  and ~"Give 'em your shirt, too."

  Jesus always Taught with respect to 'going beyond experience'.

  He was, literally, addressing the dynamics of Topologically-Distributed E/I-minimization.

  Those statements, ascribed to an almost certainly 'historically-to-have-been-here' person, can *also* be described -- in a more detailed and more revealing, but still only *complementary*, way -- as attaining their 'mainstream' meaning by way of the AEVASIVE aspect of our psychophysiology and of the phylogeny of our phenotype. They can also be described as statements of "repressive" forebearance (in respect of frequently occurring 'individual-freezing' *selective Hibenation imploring type* of environmental (and naturally selective) pressures.
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