brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Aug 26 21:01:55 EST 2002

<raugust at> wrote:
>This is the entire point - First Amendment rights of freedom of speech apply
>to some dancers in strip joints, or young black males hollering obscenities
>into microphones over loud thumping drum beats.  First Amendment rights do
>not always apply to public Bible reading or prayer, because they "violate
>the Separation of Church and State"

which is part of the first amendment, so indeed the first amendment
rights DO apply.

>Have you ever read the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the
>Mayflower Compact, or President George Washington's Farewell Address?

All of the above, though, the latter two are seldom relevant.  I've
copied the first two in longhand.

>These documents were written by Godly men,

The first two were written primarily by Deists, who would not be
considered "godly" among most Christians of today.

>in most cases in buildings which are still standing today.

The building which the Declaration was signed is still standing, but
we don't know for sure in which building it was written.  Probably in
Jefferson's room, in a building that is not standing.

>What about the Declaration of Sentiments signed by
>whining women in Seneca Falls, NY in the late 1800s, which led to today's
>Feminist demagoguery?  That building is worn down to its terra cotta and has
>another building built around it to keep it propped up.  I don't believe
>anyone can enter the building because officially, it's unsafe.  What's the

I dunno.  Whether a building still exists or not is irrelevant to much
of anything.

>Documents glorifying God for His Provisions kept this country
>going for about 200 years,

Nonsense.  Human beings, fighting wars against other nations, and in
one case against their brethren, kept this nation going.

>God is now punishing our nation for failing to follow His Word.
>Fatherlessness, AIDS and other STD's, 9-11, Feminism, Female Clergy, and
>increases in abortions are just the tip of the iceberg of God's raging
>punishment against our nation.

Fatherlessness has been around since there were fathers.  AIDS is more
prevalent in many other nations than it is here.  If you think 9-11 is
an act of God, you are a member of al Qaeda.  The other three, many
people do not consider to be punishment, but rather "freedom".


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