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    Peter F. wrote in message ...
    <big snips here and below - so saving server space>
        >Your sweeping schematization skirts-around relatively discrete and concrete
        >facts/phenomena and concepts such as:
        >"CURSES" (=~memories of 'slow' *as well as* 'fast' trauma); "SHITS"
        >(gradually as well as suddenly traumatizing *situations*); "SHITS-detecting
        >(and deflecting)" inhibitory interneurons.
        Forgive me, Peter, NDT is Decussed :-]
        Get it? "decuss-ation" :-]
        PF continued:- 
        >But I rather risque that kind of drowning than debase myself and my
        >intelligence (however much I do have) by naive neurotic beliefs in any kind
        >of deity.
        I'm Sorry, Peter, as I've explained repeatedly, after coming to understand what's in the neural topology, and its functioning, if I Failed to Acknowledge Jesus' Priority, I'd be a Plagerist.
        I can't 'explain how it could be so, 
        PF interjected:-
        Precisely why you can't is/defines my "effectively philosophy terminating" point !
        OK, =you= explain it. I can't see beyond WDB2T - but I can see WDB2T, and I can see that Jesus Saw WDB2T. ~1600 before Carnot. =That's= what I can't explain, but can only see - it's just there, plain-to-see, isn't it?
        And why I am trying to put this point across against the advice of my own position of opinion and understanding, is an *exceptionally pathetic* theoretical part of my explanatory philosophical take on things.  
        KC continued:-
        but it's Clear to me that Jesus was Teaching with respect to the Universal Thermodynamic.
        "Love your enemies."
        "Do good to those who persecute you."
        Turn the other cheek."
        "Go the extra mile ['go beyond experience']"
        and ~"Give 'em your shirt, too."
        Jesus always Taught with respect to 'going beyond experience'.
        He was, literally, addressing the dynamics of Topologically-Distributed E/I-minimization.
        Those statements, ascribed to an almost certainly 'historically-to-have-been-here' person, can *also* be described -- in a more detailed and more revealing, but still only *complementary*, way -- as attaining their 'mainstream' meaning by way of the AEVASIVE aspect of our psychophysiology and of the phylogeny of our phenotype. They can also be described as statements of "repressive" forebearance (in respect of frequently occurring 'individual-freezing' *selective Hibenation imploring type* of environmental (and naturally selective) pressures.
        All I'm doing is not 'denying' what I see with my own eyes.
        Yes, I understand the 'costs', inherent.
        FWIW, nobody has ever come up to me, patted me on the back, and said, "Hey, way to go, man!"
        No one's ever commented in any 'positive' way.
        As far as I can tell, all this 'moving away from' includes folks who Profess Belief in Jesus.
        But, on my part, it's just more of what I've done in Neuroscience, Physics Maths, and Chemistry - going back, and Fixing long-existent Errors of interpretation, rebuilding-from-the-ground-up, in light of contemporaneous knowledge.
        As for my 'first-person' 'language', it's just that I trust the accounts of those who accepted terrible-deaths rather than denying what they'd Witnessed through their own sensory experience.
        And then, when I do an analysis of the content of the verbal-symbol stuff attributed to Jesus by those stalwart-Witnesses, my jaw-hangs-down in light of what I've seen with my own eyes right in the experimental results.
        Jesus said it first... ~2000 years ago.
        Shall I 'deny' all such 'because' I understand that Acknowledging it will leave me 'beat-up'?
        Shall I 'deny' all such because I can't explain how it could be so?
        If such 'denial' were to be the case, then what sense would there be in anyone's giving Credance to anything I said?
        Folks'd, then, have Reason to 'doubt' anything I said, wouldn't they?
        I can explain the wellspring of behavior. I can explain how it happens within "the most-complex three pounds of matter in the known universe", but I can't 'explain' how it could be, ~1500 years before the Scientific Method was even a glimmer in Gallileo's mind, that Jesus so obviously understood how our nervous systems process-information.
        I'm 'impoverished' in the latter way of seeing.
        But I'd be a Coward if, just because I can't explain it, I 'denied' what I do see with my own eyes.
        If folks 'cast-me-out' because of what I Acknowledge because I refuse to 'usurp' Priority, then, well, I'll be 'cast-out'.
        "Oh well."
        But you and I have been over this same 'ground' repeatedly, Peter.
        It's where I stand, and where I will stand, and there's no 'sancttion' stuff that anyone can heap-up that'll 'un-there-I-stand' me.
        I understand that folks're 'repulsed' 'because' they presume I'm 'doing religion', but that's not, at all the case.
        I'm just Honoring Truth.
        There is no one who has, yet, seen me 'do religion', except those who happen to be-there when I'm 'alone with God' in Church.
        This other stuff is as I've explained it in the past - just me Living.
        Folks in-Science've 'moved away from' this or that that's flat-out-obviously in-Truth 'because' of the knee-jerk 'moving away from' 'religion' that's come increasingly into 'vogue' ever since the Church 'moved away from' Gallileo's "still-it-moves"-ness.
        Geese-Louise! It's mis-take stuff, on both 'sides'. Get over it. Don't 'discard' Truth just 'because' of an ancient, or not-so-ancient, Error.
        Get over it. There's Truth in-there upon which the Survival of Humanity depends.
        Where is Hope if folks 'wimp-out' with respect to Truth?
        Anyway, that's where I stand.
        It seems you can't get enough of 'walking me out on this plank', but please, it 'hurts', Peter.
        If we 'move' in opposite-directions, we 'move' in opposite-directions.
        I'm not 'trying-to-'convert' folks.
        I'm only not 'moving away from' Truth, on my own behalf, because, if one 'moves away from' Truth, one 'moves away from' all that matters.
        I don't do such.
        So, if you want to continue 'berating' me because I Refuse to 'deny' Jesus' Priority, change your approach.
        Show me anything that I've posted that's not-True.
        You can't.
        No one can.
        All anyone can do, in that direction, is 'move away from' Truth, simultaneously, inviting Savagery into the midst of Humanity.
        "Ho hum"?
        I go against the 'coersed consensus' - the Prejudice - of 'science'.
        I understand the 'costs', and Accept them.
        I've 'scars'-enough, Peter. Put down the lash, take up Reason... Please.
        Show me anything that I've posted that's not-True.
        K. P. Collins
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