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> >   Some jews even claim that
> > > "Ashkenazi jews" aren't even descendants of Ashkenaz, but are instead
> > > descendants of the Khazars who didn't even convert to Talmudism until
> > > 9th Century AD.
> umm... Ashkenaz means "german" (ie. the group of jews whose traditions
> developed in the german/east european area). as opposed to sepharad,
> which means "spain" (ie. the group of jews whose traditions developed in
> the spanish/west european area).

The term "Ashkenazi" is derived from the descendants of Ashkenaz, who was a
great-grandson of Noah

Only a very small percentage of Germans, probably less than 1%, were
descendants of Ashkenaz, and they are known as "jews".  Most of them also
left Germany and it's speculated by jews themselves that they went to
Khazaria from there.  If so, this may explain why the Khazars converted to
Judaism in the 9th Century AD, and it might provide a genetic link between
Noah and the Khazars.

In any event, a very small percentage of the "jews" now claiming Israel as
their "homeland" (the Sephardic jews you refer to above) can claim to be
Semites, Hebrews, descendants of Abraham, or Israelites. And not even the
Sephardic jews are descendants of Israelites, because they're descendants of
Jacob's brother Esau (patriarch of the Edomites).

John Knight

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