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        Where is Hope if folks 'wimp-out' with respect to Truth?
        Don't read this reply if it you can't take being challenged by having concepts as philosophically plain and potent as "SHITS", "CURSES", and "AEVASIVE" put in your way! Sincerely!
        KC: Put Truth in my way and you'll get somewhere.
        PF: Peoples' hopes =are= -- or can be understood -- as 'hops/jumps/by-passings' done primarily within brains, and for a unifying -- "ambi-advantageous" -- reason. 
        KC: Yeah, folks tend to 'prevaricate'. See "the volitional diminishing-returns decision" and "prioritization', AoK, Ap7. It's overall, global TD E/I-minimization that's converged-upon over the long-term. Within such, myriad 'decisions' are hierarchically-prioritized in terms of their 'individual' TD E/I-minimization correlates, with the 'goal' of attaining long-term TD E/I(min).
        It's 'just' Thermodynamics 'engineered' into the biology of our bodies, and, in particular, within our nervous systems.
        But the thing is that, as folks acquire understanding, the neural topology, itself, becomes commensurately altered in ways that incorporate the understanding in subsequent TD E/I-minimization. 
        PF: This reason (termed so by me) consists of the adaptive advantage of being able to take whatever opportunity or opportunities is/are to be taken, AND of the very common adaptive advantage of being roughly simultaneously capable of coping with (by 'AEVASIVE style' self-regulation) externally and internally impacting physically *inescapable* environmental adversity and/or *past internalized* such adversity (normally automatically as if "put" into the brain as the type of long-term "memory states" that I alternatively defined/labeled as "CURSES"). 
        This AEVASIVE (for "ambiadvantageously evolved...etc.) capability is *hugely elaborately* evolved in us humans. 
        The same acronym, by its 'terminologically tucked-away-inside' thorough definition, also refers to (and is an important means of generally, but also precisely and poignantly, explaining) all the events in phylogeny by which every single ambi-advantageous ('ambi-advantageously phenotyping') mutation -- i.e. mutations that immediately or eventually specifically result in "*ambi-advantageously adaptive* functures and behaviours" (i.e., a mutant possessing and capable of such)-- emerged.
        Why not just invoke WDB2T ^ -1, thereby, coupling everything to physical reality?
        The capacity for and tendencity towards relegious hopes/beliefs, *amongst much else*, is, accordingly, an AEVASIVE adaptation  and an manifestation of the 'AEVASIVE subprinciple' (loosely put) of the principle of "Natural Selection". 
        KC: Only if one apriori 'postulates' that one can 'explain everything'.
        One can so 'postulate', but to do so is non-sensical because it's easily verified that one can't 'explain everything'.
        So, there's a 'choice' inherent. Either one says, "that's it. There's nothing else out there.", or one Chooses to allow for the fact that one can't 'explain everything'. 
        Call it what one will, the latter Choice constitutes Belief, and is, itself, 'religion'.
        K. P. Collins
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