brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 18:15:55 GMT, "John Knight" <jwknight at>
yelled from the fourth floor ward window, and subsequently was

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*>> Joseph A Nagy Jr wrote:
*>> > Bob LeChevalier wrote:
*>> >
*>> >> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
*>> >>
*>> >>> OR, we could simply live by the Holy Bible as the Constitution
of this
*>> >>> Christian nation proclaims:
*>> >>
*>> >>
*>> >>
*>> >> The Constitution of this not-Christian-nation proclaims no such
*>> >>
*>> >> [Bible quotes without ANY Constitutional quotes deleted as
*>> >> to the claim].
*>> >>
*>> >> lojbab
*>> >
*>> >
*>> > Ah lets just forget this idiot. I've posted twice proof that
prayer is
*>> > not banned from public school, yet him and Mr. August still
contend it
*>> >
*>> >
*>> My point being that they will ignore everything we say, no matter
how much
*>> proof to the contrary.
*>Just because two morons meet on a bus and agree that the moon is
made of
*>Swiss cheese doesn't mean that the moon is made of Swiss cheese.
*>Just because a feminazi and a "liberal" agree with each other that
*>prayer was never banned doesn't mean that school prayer was never
*>1962: Engel v. Vitale. The Court ruled that public
*>school officials could not require pupils to recite a slate-
*>composed prayer at the start of each school day, even if the
*>prayer was nondenominational and pupils who so desired
*>could be excused from reciting it, because such official
*>state sanction of religious unerances was an unconsitu-
*>tional attempt to establish religion.
*>This was called "BANNING SCHOOL PRAYER".

No. It is called banning school-led prayer. The students could have
prayed on their own, if they desired.  Notice they words "the school
could not REQUIRE". It doesn't mean that they had to PROHIBIT.

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