brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>1962: Engel v. Vitale. The Court ruled that public
>school officials could not require pupils to recite a slate-
>composed prayer at the start of each school day, even if the
>prayer was nondenominational and pupils who so desired
>could be excused from reciting it, because such official
>state sanction of religious unerances was an unconsitu-
>tional attempt to establish religion.
>This was called "BANNING SCHOOL PRAYER".

Just a note the others in the thread --

This is the bait-and-switch John uses.  When he says something is
banned, he is actually complaining that it cannot be required.  When
he claims his freedom is denied, he means he is being prevented from
denying freedom to others.

No wonder his wife left him.  No wonder the courts gave his wife the

Latecomers won't recall it, but John started off hijacking the
"Men's Rights" movement several years before dropping the pretense and
showing off his white sheet and burning cross.  It's been fairly
amusing watching his gradual slide over the last 7 years.

>Your DENIAL that school prayer was banned earned you a permanent spot on the
>school prayer page at

I think that's something you get to put on your resume or something.

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