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How is it that WDB2T 'creates' the 'piano' upon which the 'symphony' of Life is 'played'?

It's Simple. The one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is WDB2T is a physically-real, if 'wispy',  energy-flow that all available experimental results substantiate as existing everywhere within the Universe.

An energy-flow is an energy-flow, however 'wispy', and the energy-flow inherent in WDB2T's apparently-everywhere consistency is 'just'-the-stuff through which eons-long 'creation' of 'piano'-of-Life stuff can optimally occur.

WDB2T is a physically-real energy-flow. Put a 'pin-wheel in an energy-flow, and the 'pin-wheel' will 'spin', and that 'spinning' can, then, perform useful Work.

This's what Life, enpowered by the physically-real one-way flow of energy from order to disorder that is WDB2T, does.

Life does WDB2T ^ -1 [the Maths-inverse of WDB2T].

And that's how WDB2T 'creates' the 'piano'.

Again, what's 'beyond' WDB2T?

I can't See that far.

That I Believe that far, derives in the stuff I've shared with folks re. my experiencing of what's come down to us with respect to the 'language'-interface stuff that Jesus invoked as it jaw-hangingly-correlates to what's verifiably-in the Neuroscience experimental results.

For me, be-cause of this verifiable correlation, there's 'room' for God 'beyond my experience' with respect to WDB2T.

It's 'Hard'.

I've worked so devotedly to explicate the Science, and "The workman is worth his keep."

Yet, there's this 'anti-religion' 'coersed-consensus' [under the penalty of 'Failing'-grades] stuff within 'science'.

To me, that's analogous to the 'the devil' accompanying Jesus to the top of the Temple, and saying, "Worship me, and I'll give you all of this." [Note: My perception of this stuff is that 'the dessert' into which Jesus went is 'allegorical', which, having existed for 31 years within such an allegorical 'dessert', is an easy 'perception' for me. But the gist of it Rings-True in terms of TD E/I-minimization.]

Anyway, there's not enough 'stuff' in the world to induce me to 'move away from' Truth.

So, Forgive me, please, but take 'your' 'coersed-consensus' stuff, and "Get thee behind me Satan!" ['Twist-my-arm' as much as 'you' want to. I Know that all such amounts to is stuff having no correlation to any absolute experiential reality that's literally [AoK, Ap6] calculated to 'impose' TD E/I(up), and, so, 'steer' folks' by-production of behavior. Me? 'Whittle, whittle, whittle' [AoK, Ap5 :-]

Please don't be 'offended'. It's not 'you'. It's 'the Beast', Abstract Ignorance, from the 'blindly'-automated Dictates of which I am Working to Free 'you'.


What about all the 'fuss' I make about there being no "absolute experiential reality"?

All available experimental results do substantiate that WDB2T does constitute an Absolute physical reality.

But WDB2T is all energy-flowing-ness, and each of us is less than a pico-'island' within such, so how can anyone's experience be 'absolute'?

All anyone can do is 'move toward' Truth - 'go beyond experience', while, hopefully, understanding that it's the Same-Stuff with respect to everyone - nothing in-there that 'sanctions' Killing, and everything in-there that fosters achieving TD E/I-minimization in ways that, simultaneously, assist others in their achieving TD E/I-minimization.

Just 'be-aware' of the illusory-'wall' stuff that 'surrounds' local WDB2T-minima.

And join "Buzz Lightyear" in going "To infinity, and beyond!"

You know? :-]

k. p. collins
    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
        It's WDB2T that forms the neural topology, not 'the genes'. The genetic stuff is 'only' analogous to a 'piano'. It's WDB2T that 'composes' the 'symphony' of Life, conducts and performs it in-concert, upon a 'piano' that it has created.
        k. p. collins
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