brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 23:15:08 GMT, Bob LeChevalier <lojbab at>
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> > *>If you quote someone without their permission on your page, that is
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> > *>violation of copyright law.  Be prepared to get sued.
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> > I see your name there, Bob.
> It is not that  easy to sue for copyright, there is fair use and other
> factors that become involved before one stands any chance of a
> successful suit. I can offer some URLs.
> I would advise before hiring an attorney to file a complaint with the
> hosting server of the website,  the whole thing might get nuked instead
> of whatever is posted on that cite concerning Bob.

You can't really blame "liberals" for not wanting to be quoted for the
STUPID things they say, but copyright laws weren't written to protect their
STUPID statements.

Knock yourself out.  Bring on the lawyers.  Nothing's misrepresented here.
The quotes are complete and accurate.  A well publicized show trial is
exactly what's needed to put the facts on the table.

If they don't want to be quoted, then they shouldn't post it on a public
forum like the usenet.

What "Bob" [read: the feminazi posing as Bob] doesn't want to be quoted for
is her assertion that "adultery is a woman's right".

It's a crime.  Those who promote adultery are just as if not more guilty of
a crime than the accomplice who drives the getaway car from a bank robbery
where the guard was shot is guilty of murder.  The fact that needs to get
out is that the vast majority of Americans *disagree* with these STUPID
feminazi LIES

John Knight

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