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> Hi John.
> I expect that the augmented-sunlight correlation actually 'points' to
> a functional correlation that has to do with the 'stress' a Mother
> endures while she's carrying her Infant.

No, in the MS studies it was found that in spite of lack of sunlight some
populations have v. low MS rates. The current opinion is that such
populations have high intakes of vitamin D via fish. I agree, MS is an
immunological condition, I don't really think schizophrenia is an autoimmune
disease except in the broadest sense; which is easier for me than most
because I don't subscribe to the idea that the immune system can so clearly
delineate self from non-self.

> Get it? Augmented exposure to sunlight tends to correlate either with
> relative-absence of 'leisure', or relative-abundance of 'leisure',
> either of which constitute 'stressors', the first, via its
> 'coersiveness', the latter via its tendency toward 'lack of focus'.
> In both conditions, the Mother's TD E/I tends to go relatively-high,
> which means that the Mother's biochemistry tends to go commensurately
> 'willi-nilli', which, can communicate to the fetus via shared
> biochemical factors, thus, impacting fetal development.

Nothing to get, flawed assumption as above.

> So, I suggect that the 'sunlight correlation' needs to be explored in
> terms of what it means with respect to these other factors.
> Because, let's face it, if 'augmented sunlight' were, itself,
> schizophrizogenic, then, back in our evolutionary roots, there'd be
> only 'schizophrenics', 'cause folks were in-sunlight, abundantly.

You've inverted it, its lack of sunlight.

> The next thing is with respect to 'early-onset' wide-spread
> cell-loss. As is discussed in AoK, Ap8, this can occur as a function
> of a Child experiencing long-term "consistent inconsistency". My
> studies lead me to Assert that any Child can be driven to
> 'schizophrenai' via experiencing of long-term "consistent
> cinonsistancy".

If your argument is true we should all be schizophrenic because our culture
is consistently inconsistent.

> The cell-loss derives in TD E/I-minimization, which 'blindly' and
> automatically 'eliminates' any neural activation that can be
> eliminated via TD E/I-minimization without resulting in TD E/I(up).
> 'Eliminated' neural activation correlates to cell-atrophy.

Cell loss precedes loss of activation, cell loss precedes noticeable
cognitive decline. In depression it is overactivation of the hippocampus
that creates a problem not under activation. You are making the same logical
error so many 'pseudo Freudians' make: that mental illness is something
about aberrant information processing. Look at the range of pathologies,
neuropathologies cannot be so circumscribed, your paradigm compels you to
ignore the bleedin obvious: genetic defects(nuclear and mtDNA),
immunological insults, autoimmune responses, exogenous nasties. A model that
doesn't evolve is dead.

John. H

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