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> > 1962: Engel v. Vitale. The Court ruled that public
> > school officials could not require pupils to recite a slate-
> > composed prayer at the start of each school day, even if the
> > prayer was nondenominational and pupils who so desired
> > could be excused from reciting it, because such official
> > state sanction of religious unerances was an unconsitu-
> > tional attempt to establish religion.
> >
> >
> > This was called "BANNING SCHOOL PRAYER".
> >
> > It violated almost two centuries of "case law" to the contrary.
> >
> > It was 180 degrees out of synch with the spirit and intent of the US
> > Constitution, and of the dreams of our Christian Founding Forefathers.
> >
> > It was the STUPIDEST thing this country ever did.
> >
> > It was followed by a 98 point drop in SAT scores which left the US dead
> > in 17 of 34 TIMSS subjects, more than a quintupling of our illigetemacy
> > incarceration rates, and more than a doubling of the murder and divorce
> > rates.
> Questionable Cause: This fallacy occurs when an arguer gives
> insufficient evidence for a claim that one thing is the cause of
> another. You should recognize the following instances of Questionable
> Cause:
> o Post hoc fallacy: This fallacy occurs when an arguer assumes,
> without adequate reason, that because one event precedes another, that
> the first event was the cause of the second.
> o Mere correlation fallacy: This fallacy occurs when an arguer
> assumes, without adequate reason, that because two conditions or
> events regularly occur together, that there must be a causal
> relationship between them.
> o Oversimplified cause fallacy: This fallacy occurs when an arguer
> assumes, without sufficient evidence, that a single condition or event
> is the sole cause of some effect, when there are in fact other
> contributing causes.
> John, get thee to a psychiatrist.
> -=Chive

Isn't it interesting how "liberals" always resort to ad hominems, even after
they pretend to submit an articulate rebuttal?

Your rebuttal is stupid anyway, which may be why you threw in the ad
hominem--to cover the deficiencies of your rebuttal.

It's true that there are other factors involved, and that the mindset
involved in banning spoken Christian prayer in public schools may have been
just a subset of a larger problem--but then this is the original point.

This observation isn't novel, at all.  The correlation was written about
NUMEROUS times in the Holy Bible, thousands of years ago.  And the
regularity with which these predictions come true makes it amazing that an
entire culture can continue to repeat the same mistakes, eon after eon.

John Knight

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