brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >State statutes and Constitutions don't just expire.  They must be
>> >or amended, and there's a very specific process for doing that.  If this
>> >process hasn't been followed precisely, it makes no difference what's in
>> >"penal code"--the law still stands.
>> Since the Penal code contains all the laws that still stand, the fact
>> that it is NOT in the penal code means that the statute was repealed
>> or amended according to the specific process for doing so.  I even
>> identified the timeframe when it was probably done, because I found
>> several references to laws passed in California which decriminalized
>> all forms of sexual activity between two consenting adults in 1976.
>> There was an earlier amendment to the laws that went into effect July
>> 1, 1944.  The only reference to that date that I found, however, was
>> AB 1555 in 2001, which also refers to other offenses that were
>> decriminalized on January 1, 1976, which matches with the date given
>> in others sources for decriminalizing sex between consenting adults.
>> The online California law library does not go back to 1976, so it
>> would take looking in an older law library.  But since I was a voting
>> resident of California in 1976, I remembered there being such a law
>> passed.
>This is not the way it works.

Yes it is.

>If a statute is not repealed,

It was repealed.

>it remains the
>LAW.  NONE of these statutes you claim were "decriminalized" were ever
>properly repealed.

It was "properly repealed".  If it were not, it would still be in the
California Penal Code.  And "statutes" are not decriminalized.
Formerly criminal ACTIONS are "decriminalized.

>It is STUPID for you to claim that "all forms of sexual
>activity between two consenting adults in 1976" when people are getting
>sentenced and imprisoned for a LONG time for violating these laws, as we

Provide one example of someone even CHARGED since 1976 (much less
convicted) of violating the 1911 Penal Code adultery law


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