brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 29 12:56:10 EST 2002

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> "Insomniac" <insomniac at> wrote:
> >And if he cares so much about kids, how come he wouldn't supporth his
> >That's right, folks.  JK has served time behind bars for non-payment of
> >child support.
> Do you and others have the web sites and/or other references that
> document the actual existence of JK or Amneus, or whatever his real
> name is, and his sordid past?
> There is one site I know of, with a tidbit of bio information, but it
> is embedded with stuff on other people and the tone of the site seems
> almost as rabidly political as his writing and the claims are as
> undocumented as his, so I continue to wonder about its veracity.
> lojbab

You know nothing of any "sordid past", nor is your "women's intuition"
capable of anything better than to LIE like a rug.

When feminazis and "liberals" finally resort to LIES like this, we know that
you're so desperate that you'll do anything just to have a target to shoot
at.  It's the final evidence we need that you cannot and never will be able
to defend your failed and degenerate and amoral position.

It truly is a pleasure to see you go down in defeat.  "Women have a right to
commit adultery" my as.!

John Knight

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