brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >What it means is that the courts are refusing to uphold one of the most
>> >important laws in a civilized society, and this law IS a " killed_my_kid
>> >type of crime", because conceiving the milk man's child through adultery has
>> >*exactly* the same effect.
>> This illustrates another thing worth understanding about John.  The
>> "effect" he is referring to above is that a father's biological
>> child doesn't grow up to give him the immortality-through-children
>> that John puts lots of importance into.
>> The fact that "killing my kid" results in a dead kid and adultery
>> doesn't is completely besides the point to John.  This, of course,
>> tells you everything you need to know about John's attitude towards
>> women and children both.
>> No wonder his wife left him.  No wonder the courts gave her custody of
>> the kids.
>After hundreds of thousands of Signatories to the Fathers' Manifesto signed
>it as is,

Various Web sites indicate that large numbers of so-called
"signatories" have disavowed their signature.  We have no idea if
there is any signatory who is a real person.  After all, they all may
be YOU under various aliases.

>Bon voyage, Holzman.  We all wish you well--but just GO.

Take your own advice, nincompoop.  I'll bet that a signature petition
for you to leave would get far more signatures than a petition for him
to leave, since most of the rest of us have no idea who he is.


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