brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Thu Aug 29 17:43:47 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>  1.. There is no single word in the entire Holy Bible, including the KJV, which ever refers to an Israelite who was a resident of Judaea as a "jew" simply because they lived in Judaea. 

How would you know?  They merely used the word "Jew". You don't know
WHY they used the word "Jew" except that the person was probably in
fact a Jew (unlike when YOU use the word "Jew", in which case we know
only that you are foaming at the mouth).

If we are correct that all Jews were Israelites by definition, then
there is no reason to say explicitly that someone is BOTH an Israelite
and a Jew, since that would need saying as much as saying George Bush
is a man and a human being. Not worth writing down.
>  2.. All members of the Tribes of Judah and Benjamin in Judaea at the time of Christ, who were the majority of the residents of Judaea, were always referred to only as "Israelites".

No, they weren't.  Jesus Christ, who was of the line of David, and
hence of Judah, was crucified with the sign saying he was "King of the
Jews".  I don't believe that there are in fact any references in the
New Testament to *anyone* currently alive in New Testament times
called "Israelites", but there are several places, both in the Bible
and in confirming historical records of the time that say that they
were Jews.

>  3.. The word "jew" refers ONLY to genetics or race, and NEVER to "religion". 

There is no evidence to support this, and in fact you label people as
Jews on the basis of your perception of their beliefs.  You don't know
the race of any poster on these forums, but you still call people

Furthermore, you also associate Jews with believing the Talmud, and
there is certainly nothing genetic that associates people with belief
in a book.

>  4.. The jews who lived in Judaea at the time of Christ were not genetic descendants of Shem, Eber, Abraham, nor Jacob [read: they were not Semites, Hebrews, children of Abraham, nor Israelites]. 

Mordecai, who was descended from a Benjaminite and therefore from
Abraham, was a Jew.  The Jewish priests of the Temple, like Caiaphas,
were Levites, and therefore were descendants of Abraham.

>  5.. The jews in Judaea at the time were descendants of Cain through Ham, Cush, Jehudi, and Esau (patriarch of the Edomites, which is why Christ called these jews "children of the devil".

There is no evidence that the Jews of Judea were any people other than
the Israelites.  You can repeat yourself till you are blue in the
face, but 2 billion Christians, and plenty of non-Christians too, know
you are wrong.


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