brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> > >And if he cares so much about kids, how come he wouldn't supporth his
> own?
> > >That's right, folks.  JK has served time behind bars for non-payment of
> > >child support.
> >
> > Do you and others have the web sites and/or other references that
> > document the actual existence of JK or Amneus, or whatever his real
> > name is, and his sordid past?
> >
> > There is one site I know of, with a tidbit of bio information, but it
> > is embedded with stuff on other people and the tone of the site seems
> > almost as rabidly political as his writing and the claims are as
> > undocumented as his, so I continue to wonder about its veracity.
> >
> > lojbab
> The only one I know of is the one that OhSojourner put up, and I am
> imagining that this is the same site; however, others have stated here and
> there that the facts on that site are true.  Considering JK's own
> I don't find the information all that doubtful.
> --
> The Shadow Dancer

That's because you're a moron.

You don't "find" much "information all that doubtful", do you?  You wouldn't
"find [it] all that doubtful" if the guy your mom met on the bus told her
that the yellow Volkswagen parked at Second and Vine was from Mars, would

The problem is--it's a feminazi LIE, put out by a feminazi who's even a
bigger moron than you, based on even less "evidence" than the guy with the
yellow Volkswagen.  The feminazi who single-handedly LIED so much that the
entire internet rose up en masse and threw affirmative action out so they
wouldn't ever have to deal with her type in the workplace, ever again.

But this is a nice demonstration of what happens in your little teensy
wheensy mind when you're missing 3 1/2  billion brain cells.

John Knight

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