Ignorance is the Enemy

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> When you do such, Mr. Knight, you denigrate everyone, because we've
> all got Mothers, through whom we're here to discuss - through whom
> we're here to do anything that we do.


Mr Collins. 
  as your namesake no doubt knew from the venerable tome, a man in
possession of large fortune must be in want of a wife.

You may love your mother and it's admirable, but like most women she
was probably just another leech sucking your dad off, in order to gain
money to fund her baby making exploits.

Please try to bear this in mind when you jump to the defence of her.

While women's selfish gene is a classic example of natural selection,
tis neither honorable, nor anything to be admired.

Please don't become confused by such quotations as Sarah Connor (Linda
Hamilton/Terminator 2) "You don't know what it's like to actually
create something" just because it happens to sound good, the more
observant of us, sans oedipus complex might note that actually men
have created basically everything in existence, and women, far from
being the ultra creative and worthy beings you claim them to be, are
mere eggholders.

There's no conscious creation in any of their doings. (It's actually
taken scientists (male scientists) almost the whole of creation to
stop women get pregnant when they don't want to be. Further, almost
the same length of time to make unfertile women get pregnant, when
they so wish. Indeed many women, after too many drugs could simply lie
down in the street outside brixton tube on a friday night and wake up
pregnant without even remembering it.

You may note that men's creation of everything tangible is for a
reason. It's because they carry the ability. It's thus your father to
be thanked for you being here. (Assuming of course the man you think
of as your father actually is your father, 14% (one in seven) of all
people who consider themselves legitimate are actually not, according
to all the indicators from genetic testing labs; which says not very
much about the average woman. (If you're male more than 4 inches
greater in height from your father, be seriously worried, bastard.)

Just because you happen to have believed the bollocks your mother told
your dad to get his money, please do not assume everyone else is such
a simpleon.

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