brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Fri Aug 30 15:44:05 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>Israelites and jews are two completely different and separate people today,
>and they have been for several millennia.

There are NO "Israelites" today.

>Most of the White Races of the world are descendants of the Israelites,

Pure nonsense with no scriptural basis.

>NEVER from jews, and most jews today CLAIM to be descendants of Ashkenaz

Prove that ANY jew claims to be a descendant of Ashkenaz.  

You've been told time and again that Ashkenazi refers to the ritual
that they practice and not to their ancestry (though usually
traditions are passed down in families, they are really more
geographical in nature), and the Ashkenazi practices are those of the
land of Ashkenaz or Northern Europe.

>Your "logic" is even worse than your inability to comprehend the written
>word, which is even worse than you spelling, which is even worse than your

All of which is still better than your logic.

>Let's re-read lojbab's STUPID statement once again:
>> > > All of them were by your reasoning, since you've stated that all
>> > > Israelites are racially pure and would never think of miscegenation.
>> > > Therefore all of them must have been, and therefore Jews were
>> > > Israelites.
>It's hard to imagine that this is so difficult to grasp.  It's also hard to
>imagine how you could believe this totally baloney paraphrase when it's
>exactly the opposite of what was originally posted.
>Exactly who said "Israelites ... would never think of miscegenation"?

You have.

>Israelites did
>"think of miscegenation" and in fact engaged in miscegenation, and the
>adverse effects of that miscegenation are abundantly documented in the Holy
>Bible, as is the solution.
>What they did "think of miscegenation" is that it was a violation of God's
>Law, so they put away any bastard born to an Israelite who miscegenated with
>anyone (jews or otherwise).

But they did NOT put away products of miscegenation EXCEPT at one
particular point when Ezra and Nehemiah told them to after the exiles
returned to Jerusalem (at which point the Israelites who returned to
Jerusalem were called "Jews").  They had been practicing miscegenation
for generations while in exile and probably before they went into
exile.  Wither the exception of the Jews who purified themselves of
strangers on the return to Jerusalem, the people of Israel, the
"Israelites" were LOST.  They ceased to exist as a distinct people.
They are ALL mongrels.

But the Jews who returned were mongrels as well; there are NO "pure"
bloodlines.  They merely put away their foreign relatives and
rededicated themselves to the traditional religion.  But this does not
purify the genetic line.

>Yes, "Israelites are racially pure",


>but that means that they can not be jews, not that they must be.

It is your pure imagination that "Israelites" and "Jews" in the Bible
are not near-synonyms.


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