brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>No.  I said "tribal membership".  Not the same thing as biological
>race.  If a Benjaminite married an Ephraimite, then their offspring
>would be considered one of the two tribes, not both.  There was no
>rule even in Deuteronomy, about the tribes of Israel mixing together.
>Hence tribal membership was not the same as race.

To be specific, if a Benjaminite married an Ephramite, their children
would be Benjaminites.  While Judiasm is traced matriliniearly, tribal
membership was traced paternally -- which is why Mordechai's ancestery
was traced back the way it was.  It wasn't a random "one great
grandparent out of 8" that was a Benjaminite, but his father's
father's father.  Finally, it wouldn't have mattered that "one great
grandparent out of 8" was a Benjaminite if Mordechai wasn't a Jew.

>>You keep "forgetting" that they put away all the foreign wives and their
>>bastard children.  Why do you keep "forgetting" this?
>But they did not put away the Jews.  So the Jews were not foreign nor
>bastards.  QED.

It should be noted that a "bastard" does not mean someone who is the
offspring of a Jew and a Gentile.  A "bastard" means the same thing
here as it does anywhere else:  Someone whose parents were not

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