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There are many excellent points in this post, but the following needs some tweaking:

  Most retirement corporate pension plans are down 60-75% and American savings are down 7 TRILLION dollars over the past 12 months. Yeah Alan you lying sack of shi. keep making excuses to cover your sorry as.!

Three years ago, the following was posted on the Christian Party web site

13) "The Pension Benefit Guaranty Association", created in 1974 by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, failed to "give more benefits and rights and success in the area of labor management", plunged the percent of the workforce with a pension plan from 39.4% to 24%. 

This was before the recent $7.2 trillion loss in the stock market (which may be up to $8 trillion by now).

Greenspan's involvement in getting the *remaining* American retirement accounts "invested" in the stock market can be viewed as nothing less than stock fraud, a swindle, and control of our national bank by our worst foreign enemy--Israel.

If these pension plans are down another 75% since then, it's possible that the percent of Americans with viable pension plans is down to 6%.

But it's not correct that "American savings" are down $7 trillion.  The majority of this money in the stock market doesn't qualify as "personal savings" at all.  When you're the only industrialized nation in the world with a negative personal savings rate, we literally have NO personal savings.  When banks permit "investors" to borrow 80% or more of a stock's value using only the stock as collateral, as little as 20% of this stock market capitalization, at the TOP of the market, could have been characterized as "personal savings".  

To all of those who had used their stock as collateral for the maximum bank loan, a mere 20% drop in the stock market would have wiped all of that out, leaving only the portion which was used as collateral for bank loans [read: now only the banks are on the hook for the stock market crash].  The NASDAQ was down 20% by April 2000, but now it's down 76%.  The NYSE was down 20% by March 2001, but now it's down 27%.

This makes the "Great Depression" look like child's play by comparison.  One quarter of the nation's wealth was just lifted from from the treasury just as cleanly as John Dillinger robbed a bank.

Alan Greenspan is 100% knowledgeable about what happened--because he was the architect.  To think that he cannot be punished because he's a jew ignores the simple fact that *being* a jew is reason enough in the first place to punish him.

This is what jews do.  This is all they know how to do.  They have never been anything other than master swindlers and cheats and LIARS.
  "Greenspan thinks he is GOD and he is nothing but a puppet for the Men Who Make the Kings."

All jews think they're God, but Greenspan did this just because he's a jew.

The sole purpose of 911 was to distract our attention from the slickest jew swindle in world history.

John Knight

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  I wrote a response where by coincidence the rev-vy Sutter parroted the exact same word of "recidivism" in his response. Are my posts getting through? I didn't see my post. In my post circle of people, I have a member that is quite knowledgeable about the global financial fraud. Here is an insightful post that happens to use some vulgarities. One of the rules of mine in my email circle is to keep a clean tongue.Nevertheless. many hits are a response to outrage and people are angry. Here, in the following post, this individual has some good points for the fraud being perpetrated against the American people. It's obvious he is somewhat angry.

  Hey, thought you might like to see the bull shi. that is being sold to the gullible fools in congress and the general public.  As you might have guessed my comments are in red. 

  News Highlights 
  Greenspan Defends Central Bank

  WASHINGTON (AP)  Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Friday that Fed policy-makers could not have deflated the stock market bubble that emerged in the late 1990s without raising interest rates to such high levels that it would have pushed the country into a severe recession. What the fuc. are we in now and have been in for the past 12 months? Not to mention a down market that lasted 18 months, second only to 1934 and the great depression.

  Greenspan used an address to an annual Fed economic symposium to defend the central bank against critics who have contended that the failure to deflate the high-flying stock market in the late 1990s was a major policy error. 

  Greenspan, who famously warned in December 1996 that investors could be in the grips of "irrational exuberance," said it was very difficult for policy-makers to know when a stock market bubble was developing. Policy makers??? This is a private corporation that has nothing to do with the Federal Government - when is the world going to wake up and realize that our Money and Economy is being manipulated by a private corporation owned by the select elite???

  And he said even if the Fed felt it should substitute its judgment for the actions of millions of investors, it would be very hard for the central bank to curb stock market euphoria. Easy answer SHI.-CAN the Central bank! Look two paragraphs down where the as.hole says "we raised the rates 3% (which is a lot!) and nothing happened..." So the Fed did substitute it's own judgment.

  "The notion that a well-timed incremental tightening could have been calibrated to prevent the late 1990s bubble is almost surely an illusion," Greenspan said.You can't fix that which you don't want to, as well as that which you wanted to happen! But, look at the next paragraph, they did incrementally tighten and then they incrementally loosened and nothing good happened...

  To support that view, Greenspan cited previous instances when the Fed raised interest rates by more than 3 percentage points in the late 1980s and mid-1990s but stock prices, after initially retreating, resumed their upward advance. So here as.hole says that raising rates had no affect - market did what it did anyway...

  He said that to have the impact of deflating an unjustified rise in stock prices, the Fed would have had to push rates up by such large amounts that it would almost inevitably trigger an economic recession, the very outcome the Fed was seeking to prevent. This is the biggest lie going!  Guess who ran some of the tech stock prices up.... same people who sold at the top who just incidentally happen to be part of the Central Bank corporate stock holders and board members. And they raised them 3% which at the time was a 35% increase - that is very high. Then he dropped the bottom out of the interest rates, reducing them by 74% over a 12 month period and it had zero affect! Only affect was that elderly fixed income Americans are eating Alpo dog food because of Alan. Most retirement corporate pension plans are down 60-75% and American savings are down 7 TRILLION dollars over the past 12 months. Yeah Alan you lying sack of shi. keep making excuses to cover your sorry ass!

  "Such data suggest that nothing short of a sharp increase in short-term rates that engenders a significant economic retrenchment is sufficient to check a nascent bubble," Greenspan said in remarks prepared for an economic conference at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Copies of his remarks were released in Washington. Mouth is moving on this one and nothing is coming out.... I thought the asshole just told us the bubble has burst, now he is saying it has not??? Could of fooled me, with NASDAQ down 3500 points from it high, which is 70% loss.  Plus the fuc.-head raised the rates and lowered the rates and nothing positive happened.. Why, because those in the know and in control want what is going to happen to happen

  Greenspan spoke at the start of two days of discussions involving top academic economists and Fed officials, who this year were examining the topic of how Fed interest rate decisions and budget and tax policies can be used to deal with recession.Greenspan thinks he is GOD and he is nothing but a puppet for the Men Who Make the Kings.

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