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"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>There are a WHOLE lot of people in the world who think you jews are the
>LIARS, Zayton.
>Now I agree with them, 100%.

Do you really think that posting yet another person's ignorant website
will support you claim?

Don't you realize that this guy contradicts half the stuff posted by
the last ignorant person you cited?

>John Knight

>Until 10,000 B.C. Europe was dominated by the last ice age. As the great ice
>fields receded, civilizations began to form, as we understand them. Modern
>man came to Europe perhaps as long ago as 100,000 B.C.

Note that this guy isn't exactly a 7 day creationist.

>During the 3rd millennium B.C. Indo-Euopeans, from north of the Black Sea,
>spread into south-eastern Europe, introducing horses and their language to
>the region. In this area was born the Minoan and Greek cultures. With the
>coming of the Iron Age came the Celts, Slavs and Germanic peoples of central
>The ancestors of our clan are predominantly of Celtic and Germanic origin.
>The Celts, or Kelts, were really a variety of people, most of which had the
>common heritage of ancient Israel. During the Iron Age, Israelite seafarers
>traveled through the Mediterranean and settled in France, Spain, Ireland and
>even into the Scandinavian countries.

He claims that they were Israelite seafarers (despite there being no
evidence that such existed).  He does NOT claim that the Celts were
Indo-European (i.e. Caucasian)

>Spain became known as Iberia, which is
>derived from the name Hebrew, which, itself, comes from Eber, an early
>patriarch of the Hebrew people.

The last version, that it was the Milesians, DID have them come from
north of the Black Sea, by land, and mentions Eber as one of two
brothers who were a descendant of someone who knew Moses.  This is
difficult to reconcile with the Biblical Eber, who was Moses'
ancestor, to say the least.

>Gaul, which is what early France was known
>by, comes from Galatia, an early colony of Israel where their language
>became known as Gaelic, and, in fact, the Celtic language as a whole was
>known as Gaelic.

Hilarious.  Galatia was founded by two groups of Gaul mercenaries
hired from northern Greece in 278 BC.  There was no "colony of
Israel", which was long gone - that was apart of the remnants of
Alexander the Great's Greek empire.  The Gauls had already been in
Europe a long while, having sacked Rome in 390 BC.

>Denmark, the land of Dan, also comes from the ancient Israelite seafarers.

The land of the Danes

>Dan was one of the tribes of Israel. And, the northern portion of Denmark,
>still known today as Jutland, actually means "land of the Jews."

Nonsense.  The Jutes were a Germanic tribe that had no written history
before 500 AD, but probably come from the Old Norse word Iotar.  The
Danes were a Scandinavian tribe.  Dane comes from the Old Norse word
"dene" meaning "lowland".

>A later influx of Celts came into Europe from the east. These, too, were
>from the house of Israel.
> History:- The earliest found archaeological evidence associated with
> the Celts places them in what is now France and western Germany in
> the late Bronze Age around 1200 bc.

Long before even King David.

>The Celts lived in fortified villages, with a tribal organization that
>became increasingly hierarchical as wealth was acquired. Priests, nobles,
>craftsmen, and peasants were clearly distinguished, and the powers of the
>chief became king-like. The Celts believed in a demonic universe and relied
>on the ministry of the Druids.

Doesn't sound like the worship of the God of Israel to me.

[large quantity of irrelevant and often erroneous history deleted.
The guy obviously collected information and misinformation from other
websites and tried to make sense of it, without much knowing anything
to start with.  He is hardly a historical reference himself.]


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