brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>Maybe this should tell you something.  More is said about Mordichai
>and his activities than is said about MOST of the 12 disciples.  Maybe
>Mordichai was MORE important.

More to the point, the Book of Ehster was written by Jews, and in
Jewish culture of the time what tribe one was a member of was a part
of one's name.  Today, remnants of this still exist in surnames like
"Halevi," which translates as "The Levite"  

"Name, son of name, son of name, ..., son of name the tribe" is how
Jews were named before Christian-style "given name ... surname"
structure was imposed on us.

The New Testament is not a Jewish text, and therefore not written from
a Jewish cultural perspective.  How the Disciples were referred to
would only be relevant if the Bible and the New Testament were written
by the same people -- they weren't.

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